Rich’s horse racing picks at Keenland and Belmont this weekend

Rich is back to give us his thoughts and predictions for the ponies this weekend.

Rich gives us his predictions for Races 9, 10 and 11 at Pimlico this Saturday. Who will win? Who to exacta and trifecta?

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Santa Anita Saturday Bets!

Rich is back to expose himself to greatness with Arch. We’re heading over to Santa Anita Park and looking at races 8, 9, 10. So get your notebooks out and write down Rich’s picks because we know from experience* how the ladies react to Rich’s picks.

Rich’s Plays at Saratoga and Ellis Park this weekend!


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Rich is dropping his plays at Saratoga and Ellis Park this weekend.

Rich’s Site:

Come on over to the social side and make your picks:

Rich’s Plays at Del Mar and Saratoga

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Rich Bieglmeier is fighting for his life, but that doesn’t stop him from handicapping horses for degenerates.

Rich’s Site:

Brand New Social Degeneracy:

Rich’s Fantasy Golf and Del Mar Race Plays

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Rich Bieglmeier pops in to talk everything under the sun! Life, money, Jackass, fantasy golf and horse racing.

It’s a long one so here’s the breakdown:

Fantasy Golf Talk hits at the 11:00

Arch stabs everyone in the back 30:08

Horse racing picks at Del Mar Races 9 and 10 31:49.

Rich’s Site:

We also reference Rich’s Golf Power Rankings pretty heavily so you may want to take a gander over here:

Rich’s Plays at Monmouth Park 7-18

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Rich takes us over to Jersey to make some money at Monmouth.