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Astros have most players Hit by Pitch 2020


Astros players to charge mound 2020 Reg. Season

Under 1½ Charges-300
Over 1½ Charges+200

Astros Total Players HBP 2020 Reg. Season

Over 80½ HBP-140
Under 80½ HBP+100

Let’s break down the Total Players Hit by Pitch because I know there’s a lot of you out there drooling over the Astros players getting drilled.

Team Leaders in HBP in MLB

Leader NY Mets 95
Average AL 62
Average NL 70
Average MLB 66

Leader Tampa Bay 101
Average AL 67
Average NL 61
Average MLB 64

Leader Pittsburgh 88
Average AL 59
Average NL 59
Average MLB 59

Leader Chicago Cubs 96
Average AL 51
Average NL 59
Average MLB 55

Leader Pittsburgh 89
Average AL 55
Average NL 52
Average MLB 53

Leader St. Louis 86
Average AL 55
Average NL 55
Average MLB 55

Leader Pittsburgh 88
Average AL 47
Average NL56
Average MLB 51

Leader Milwaukee 90
Average AL52
Average NL 48
Average MLB 50

Leader Chicago White Sox 84
Average AL 53
Average NL51
Average MLB 52

Leader Milwaukee 81
Average AL 52
Average NL 51
Average MLB 52

You can see it’s been roughly trending upwards in the averages since 2010.

The Astros number of 80.5 would put them on the higher end of team HBP numbers, but nowhere near what we’d expect the league leader to be. Personally, I’m already thinking the under here. As discussed on the podcast we might see a few early weeks of retribution, but it’ll settle down.

That is reflected in the first prop bet:
Astros have most players Hit by Pitch 2020
NO -200

Consider also, a bunch of Astros being hit by pitches is going to interfere with Rob Manfred’s precious game flow and continual bring up an issue that he also wants buried.

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