Mad Max gives you his thoughts on the NFL regular season win totals.

Division Team 2019 Record 2020 Expected O/U Play Notes
AFC East Bills 10-6-0 12-4 9 Over The big move here for Buffalo was getting Stefon Diggs from the Vikings. Pairing him with Josh Allen should be fun to watch. They also added some defensive depth at cornerback and their pass rush – so this defense should once again be fun to watch.
AFC East Patriots 12-4-0 10-6 9 Over If you think the Patriots are done with, you are mistaken. Tom Brady might be gone and Cam Newton is there now – but I can’t count them out this season.
AFC East Jets 7-9-0 6-10 6 No Play Sam Darnold isn’t getting much new help this year. Expect more mediocrity from this team.
AFC East Dolphins 5-11-0 4-12 6 Under Miami did make some offseason improvements but the big talk is Tua Tagovailoa at QB. Fitz will start the season but Tua will take over at some point. That could rack up some L’s.
AFC North Ravens 14-2-0 14-2 11.5 Over The Ravens added some more defense to a soldi defensive team. They traded for Calais Campbell and signed Derek Wolfe. They also drafted well so as long as their MVP doesn’t regress too much, this will be a dangerous team.
AFC North Steelers 8-8-0 9-7 9.5 Under The Steelers won’t improve because of Big Ben. They will improve despite him. They started to show signs of improvement late last season and that should show this season too.
AFC North Browns 6-10-0 8-8 8.5 Under The Browns had no offensive line last year and they addressed that by signing Jack Conklin and drafting Jedrick Willis. The team added some defense too. I got burned by this team last year because I had too much faith in Baker Mayfield. I won’t be fooled again.
AFC North Bengals 2-14-0 2-14 5.5 Under They drafted Joe Burrow so he should get the start right away. AJ Green is still there but need to see if he’s healthy and motivated. I don’t see much improvement in wins for this team.
AFC South Titans 9-7-0 12-4 9 Over The Titans kept Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry. If healthy, these two should continue the progress the Titans made last season.
AFC South Texans 10-6-0 9-7 7.5 Over Will this be the year that Bill O’Brien is gone? He shipped out DeAndre Hopkins in favor of injured running back David Johnson. To replace Hopkins, he took on Brandin Cooks’ bloated salary and signed Randall Cobb. The Texans will still be in the playoff hunt but only because of a lighter schedule.
AFC South Colts 7-9-0 7-9 9.5 Under The Colts will look to make a push with stat monster Phillip Rivers at QB. This team has a solid offensive line – which should keep them in some games. But I don’t see much improvement record-wise.
AFC South Jaguars 6-10-0 1-15 4.5 Under This team will live and die with Gardner Minshew III. While I liked him last season, I see major issues with this team and possibly the worst record in the league. Time to rebuild … which is sad for a team that almost made the Super Bowl a few years ago.
AFC West Chiefs 12-4-0 12-4 11.5 Over The Chiefs biggest acquisition was not really losing anyone. The defending champs should be in a good spot to defend again.
AFC West Raiders 7-9-0 7-9 8.5 Under Cory Littleton will provide some pass rush that the Raiders are sorely missing for some reason. The team will have a QB controversy and you can’t trust Chuckie.
AFC West Broncos 7-9-0 4-12 7.5 Under Drew Lock gets another go around and has Melvin Gordon to ease some pain. But I don’t think Denver improves – in fact, I see Lock slipping this season.
AFC West Chargers 5-11-0 4-12 8 Under The Chargers moved on from Phillip Rivers and now hand it off to Justin Herbert. Tyrod Taylor will be a bridge QB but expect Herbert to get some time to make some mistakes (and increased losses).
NFC East Eagles 9-7-0 9-7 9.5 Under If Wentz stays healthy, the Eagles should run away with the NFC East. It’s a big if. That’s why they signed Nate Sudfeld and drafted Jalen Hurts.
NFC East Giants 4-12-0 7-9 6 Over This season is about the progress to Daniel Jones. I don’t see it going well.
NFC East Cowboys 8-8-0 6-10 10 Under The Cowboys had stability but mediocrity. Now, I expect them to take a step back under the management of Mike McCarthy. The expectations are high but I predict disappointment.
NFC East Redskins 3-13-0 2-14 5 Under The Washington Football team will be one of the worst teams in the league. Dwayne Haskins might be already done in Washington. When coach Rivera takes over, he might have Kyle Allen at QB.
NFC North Packers 13-3-0 12-4 9 Over The Packers are in a weird spot. After a big season last year, they drafted Jordan Love as the future – but didn’t do much to make a push for the present. An easy schedule will help them be the frauds again this season.
NFC North Bears 8-8-0 12-4 8 Over The Bears have a chance to bounce back this year. Foles should fit in well at QB and the Robert Quinn signing went under the radar. This could be a scary defense.
NFC North Vikings 10-6-0 11-5 9 Over Stefon Diggs is gone but Justin Jefferson is there now and that should soften the blow. This is a team that should be around the same amount of wins as last season.
NFC North Lions 3-12-1 2-14 7 Under This is the last season that Patricia has to make the playoffs before being kicked to the curb. The Lions had an awful defense last year and they improved in the offseason but I still don’t think it’s enough.
NFC South Saints 13-3-0 13-3 10.5 Over A stacked team adds Emmanuel Sanders as a #2 to Michael Thomas.
NFC South Bucs 7-9-0 13-3 9.5 Over Can’t recall what Tampa did this offseason. Whatever it is, they should be a little better.
NFC South Falcons 7-9-0 5-11 7.5 Under If Todd Gurley is healthy, the Falcons have a hell of a back to improve that offense. But that’s a big if. This defense started to gel at the end of last season but now they replaced some players from that team so it may take more time to click.
NFC South Panthers 5-11-0 2-14 5.5 Under It’s a new era for the Panthers. Cam Newton is gone and Terry Bridgewater is in. Matt Rhule takes the helm and now has to deal with Drew Brees and Tom Brady for 4 games. Have fun.
NFC West Niners 13-3-0 13-3 10.5 Over Other than losing Emmanuel Sanders, this is pretty much the same team that dominated last season. I could see more of the same this season.
NFC West Seahawks 11-5-0 11-5 9.5 Over Seattle didn’t make a ton of moves in the offseason but that should keep them on pace to do similar to last season.
NFC West Rams 9-7-0 9-7 8.5 Over The Rams moved on from some salary by cutting Gurley and trading Cooks. They slightly upgraded Fowler with Floyd. This team has some talent and good coaching to compete – but the West is tough.
NFC West Cardinals 5-10-1 8-8 7.5 Over The Cardinals started to make some progress behind Kyler Murray last year and they should continue that progress. Getting him DeAndre Hopkins was huge.
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