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Mad Max here with some Max’s Salty picks (Best NHL Bets for 1/14/2021).

Rich has also included his picks so those are listed below too.

Good luck and happy NHL season everyone!

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Max’s Best NHL Bets for 1/14/2021

NHL Bets for 1/14/2021

Washington (-127) at Buffalo (+110)

Action: Lean Washington

Notes: My metrics say take Washington but I am seeing my first trap of the year as money is hard on the Capitals and line has gotten better for them.


Boston (-183) at New Jersey (+164)

Action: Lean Boston

Notes: This is a chalky one for sure. I have Boston winning this one easily but chalk is too much for me to eat. Implied probability for New Jersey is just not there.


New York Islanders (-104) at New York Rangers (-106)

Action: Lean Islanders

Notes: This is a damn close one for me. No real value betting as it really is a 50/50 game.


Carolina (-217) at Detroit (+191)

Action: Lean Carolina

Notes: Carolina should trounce the Red Wings here. My metrics have this as a bloodbath. But the season is early and goalies are rusty. And that’s a lot of chalk to eat.


Columbus (+104) at Nashville (-115)

Action: Bet Columbus ($20)

Notes: This is one I do like. There is some value in Columbus and my metrics have them winning this game above the implied probability they need.


Calgary (-120) at Winnipeg (+108)

Action: Bet Calgary ($20)

Notes: Sorry Arch, your Jets are going down! This is my favorite play of the day. The Flames were an unlucky team last season and if they can play up to what they are capable of, they could be dangerous.


Vancouver (+113) at Edmonton (-124)

Action: Bet Edmonton ($20)

Notes: I was wrong about result of the game last night so why not double dip?


San Jose (+114) at Arizona (-126)

Action: Bet San Jose ($20)

Notes: I give the slight edge to the Sharks here and at a plus line, it’s a nice play.


Anaheim (+198) at Vegas (-220)

Action: Lean Vegas

Notes: Probably the most one-sided game on the board for me based on metrics. Vegas should win this one with no problem but it’s way too much chalk for me.


Minnesota (-139) at Los Angeles (+126)

Action: Lean Minnesota

Notes: Not in love with this one. I do give the edge to the Wild but my implied probability does give LA some kind of chance here.


Rich’s Fishy NHL Bets for 1/14/2021

Carolina Hurricanes (-220) at Detroit Redwings (+185)

Of course, Magic Excel says the Canes are going to win this one. At minus 200 there was fractional betting value according to the French Fish, but we aren’t going there. Instead, the puckline is the play here. The most common score according to Excel is 3-1 and the most common outcome is a Carolina win by two goals or more.

The Play: Carolina Hurricanes -1 ½ goals +116


San Jose Sharks (+108) at Arizona Coyotes (-125)

At minus 125, Vegas says the Coyotes have a 56% chance to start the season with the W. My numbers say (caveat: using 2020 data) Arizona has closer to a 60% to win. A value play. The Coyotes also own a 53/47 home/away power advantage and a 60/40 home/away goal differential edge, which makes them another potential puckline play (+205).

The Play: Arizona Coyotes -125

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