The Good
Man, Curb Your Enthusiasm is so damn good this season. If you don’t want Curb, it’s like an unfiltered and R-rated version of Seinfeld. Larry David is not holding back any punches this season as he deals with the Me Too phenomenon and opens up a spite store because he gets some cold coffee.
Also good, the quality of dunks we got out of Aaron Gordon and Derrick Jones Jr. last night in the dunk contest. I gotta say I was certain that Gordon was going to win this one but Jones Jr put up some amazing dunks. I was a little bothered that his former teammate Dwayne Wade was a judge but Gordon’s attempt at jumping over Tacko Fall was a little short so I can’t argue with the dunk off results here.

What I think could make the dunk contest better is have non-NBA players involved. I saw one dunk from a Harlem Globetrotter recently that was ridiculous. So basically have an online dunk off with 3 finalists chosen based on Twitter votes. Bring them in on Friday to dunk before the shooting stars game. And the winner of that gets a spot on Saturday to take on 3 NBA players. That would make things really interesting.

Some good shit here.

The Mad
The Astros cheating scandal took an interesting turn this week when the owner of the Astros came out and nonchalantly shrugged off the cheating. Would have Houston won in 2017 without cheating? I think so. They were still a damn good team. But the Nationals knew they were cheating and created a system to break their code. And they ended up winning the World Series. 

But the thing that has me mad in this is that some pitchers will want to throw at some Houston players this season and they will get suspended for it. So MLB will end up further protecting cheaters. Manfred didn’t have the balls to go after the players and instead, a manager and gm became the fall guys. It’s the equivalent of putting away street corner drug dealers and giving a pass to the drug lords. MLB took the easy way out and now they will further fucking protect these cheaters.

Listen, I’m fine with retribution from pitchers but there’s risk there. A good plunk in the leg or back is fine. But a fastball to the hand or face could be devastating. So I don’t want to encourage more pitchers doing this but for those who do I think they should get a pass on their first offense this season as long as it’s not a dangerous hit by pitch. 

Let each of the remaining 2017 Astros hitters get pegged in the leg at least once this year. And we can call our version of an MLB code red.

Some happy motherfuckers here.

The Ugly
Could start off with my Saturday hockey picks. I went 0-3 as the Blackhawks dropped 8 goals on the Flames last night and the Islanders and Capitals both shit the beds too.

But the Ugly happened yesterday in Colorado as fans were stuck in hours of traffic to get to the Avalanche game at Falcon Stadium. This is just ridiculous. When leagues plan for these types of special games their needs to be an analysis of whether it’s feasible or not. We’ve seen this shit before in other leagues. Good intentions aren’t always enough. 

Traffic, traffic, looking for my chapstick.

Today’s Board
Looking at today’s games in the NHL I am seeing a few I like.

Blue Jackets at Devils
Blue Jackets are mired in a huge losing streak and head to NJ where the Devils have played decently at recently. Money and public are on Columbus and line is getting better. I’ll bet my home team and take the Devils +123.

Blackhawks at Jets
The Jets have lost 2 in a row both at home and face a Blackhawks team that might still be scoring goals from last nights game. But I’m going to bet the Jets here and regret it tomorrow.

Other Games
• No value in taking Detroit +367 over Pittsburgh today
• I might like the Rangers today if Shesterkin starts. They have won 4 in a row and even against the mighty Bruins them as a home dog right now seems right.
• Money is all over Carolina and getting worse for them. Seems like Vegas wants you on Edmonton. I would avoid that one.
• St. Louis is slumping but will get out of it. Could be nice to get them at a slight plus line today but it’s trappish. Money is all over them and line getting better.

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