The Good
Well, not much good in my sports betting this week so let’s not talk about that. But we can talk about the Flyers. As the NHL season winds down there a few teams that look like they can make a legit run and the Flyers is definitely one of them. They have 14 games left and 8 are at home. They have won 77% of their home games this season so their chances of being a top seed are looking good. Especially with the Capitals and Penguins both slumping lately.

Also good? The idea of starting the NBA season in December and ending in August. That’s an idea by Hawks owner Steve Koonin. It would give the NBA the spotlight by avoiding college football and NFL and then also give us something to talk about when NHL ends and it’s only baseball. It’ll lead up perfectly to the NFL. I love this idea.

Gritty is ready to make you forget about Nick Foles in Philly.

The Mad
The Nets fired Kenny Atkinson yesterday. I honestly can’t believe it. Atkinson got that team last season playing so damn well and then you take away his best player in D-Lo and sign two superstars who aren’t playing this season. And his team is out of the playoff picture right? No. They are currently 7th. 

The Nets will inevitably try to hire a coach that will push them to be title contenders. I just don’t know who that will be. It’s not going to be Phil Jackson. Steve Kerr isn’t leaving. Pop won’t leave San Antonio. Spoelstra is too loved by Riley to leave Miami. 

So who does that leave? Larry fucking Brown? He’s still cashing paychecks from the Knicks. Tyronn Lue? If he doesn’t have LeBron I’m not sure he’s worth it. Thom Thibideau? Mark Jackson? Jason Kidd again?
It really pisses me off when a team gets rid of a good coach so they can “take the next step” or “get a new voice.” This change reeks of KD and Kyrie and it’s pathetic.

Maybe the Knicks will hire him.

The Ugly
Well, it’s hard not to talk about the coronavirus here. It’s spreading quickly and most countries are dealing with some kind of outbreak. As it relates to sports, leagues are already discussing playing games without fans, postponing or canceling events. The XFL had an uphill battle as it is and started getting traction now something like this could derail it. People are dying so it’s hard to bitch about sports being cancelled. Yet here I am doing just that. 

The projections for this disease are all over the place. It could be getting better in China or it could be bullshit. We know Italy is on lock down and parts of the U.S. are dealing with huge outbreaks. 
I’m not going to sit here and tell you what to do but I’m approaching it cautiously. And all I can say is wash your fucking hands, stop touching your goddamn face so much and just be careful out there. I’m hoping this ends soon and we can get excited about baseball season.

This guy is ready for urban combat or attending a Lakers game.

Today’s Board
Lakers at Clippers
Both teams playing extremely well here. The Clippers have won 6 in a row and the Lakers have won 3 straight. Call this a home game for the Clippers but it’s not really. I know Kawhi and crew got the better of LeBron before but not this time. I’ll bet the Lakers.

Spurs at Cavs
San Antonio is still without LaMarcus Aldridge and are 11-21 on the road this season. The Cavs are 6-3-1 ATS in their last 10 games. Slew of injuries here but I can’t see the Spurs as this big of favorites here. I’ll bet the Cavs.

Thunder, Nets, Pelicans, Suns (Giannis out), Bullets, Mavs, Magic, Raptors, and fuck the Pistons and Knicks

Hurricanes at Penguins
The Penguins will break this slump eventually. Coming off the home loss yesterday to the Capitals they host the Hurricanes – who had a road win over the hapless Islanders yesterday. Money is all over the Penguins and line is getting better. It’s a trap and I’m off it.

Lightning at Red Wings
To answer the question: no. There no value in Detroit here. And it’s way too chalky to bet Tampa.

Golden Knights at Flames
Vegas is only 15-13-4 on the road and coming off that Friday loss against the goddamn Jets. Calgary is only 3 points behind the Golden Knights and now Vegas is tied with Edmonton. I think they come out big for the win. I’ll bet Vegas.

Blue Jackets at Canucks
The Blue Jackets can’t lose them all, right? Maybe then can. I bet against them yesterday and was rewarded. The Blue Jackets most recent win was a 5-3 win over the Canucks. Vancouver won their last game – a big win over Colorado at home. The Canucks are a solid home team at 21-8-4 and I’ll bet them to improve that today.

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