Betting Baseball with Mr. X

Mr. X gained fame by calling into The Steve Czaban Show with his baseball season win totals. This sparked a long-term partnership where X would dole out his betting picks and advice for almost two decades. Today, the mysterious Mr. X lowers himself to talk to Arch.

We talk about X’s season and what impact the pandemic caused.

Season totals and general philosophy.

Shifts in the moneyline, what does it mean, does it impact the decision-making process.

Money management and advice for anyone wanting to bet on daily MLB games.

Mr. X Podcast

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Mr. X emailed me after the show. So here’s a postscript to our conversation:

“Now I remember the 2nd answer!
I never bet an MLB game in April. At least May 1 to May 15.
Why? Because the “value” I find in April will be the same teams as season totals! It’s just pressing it up. (And I’m already up!)
If I love a team under, thinking they are overrated – I probably lean to their opponent most of the first month too!
I take that first month and move it to the season total chip stack.”

Check out X’s site:

If you want to listen to our chat from last year, pre-pandemic it’s right here:

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