Betting Props with Prop Starz

We have a very special guest for this special episode! CBS SportsLine analyst, NFL & NBA Prop Betting Specialist, and all-around good guy Alex lowers his profile by talking to Arch.

  • Alex talks about growing up as a Philadelphia fan and how over exaggerated their legacy is.
  • We’re also talking about the sports betting market. Does Alex bet on the main lines of spreads, totals or moneylines?
  • Are props a less efficient market?
  • Biggest mistakes he sees gamblers make.
  • The NBA breaks a lot of handicappers, but not Alex.
  • Are reverse line movements real?

Prop Starz is a MUST follow on Twitter.

If you want to get into Alex’s empire of sports betting head over to PipStarz and message him using the code “speedwaysteve” to help out our favorite NASCAR boys. You’ll find Steve and Phil over there so you know they’re no joke.


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