College Basketball is finally upon us! I thought I’d toss a quick, and free post of all the games I’m looking at today. You’re absolutely getting what you paid for here.

603 WRST -2.5
604 Miami OH 2.5

Close margin here, I like Miami to win outright.

605 Austin P 12
606 Western K -12

I really like Austin Peay plus the points here. W Kentucky is going to win, but not by 12.

617 UVU -3.5
618 DEN 3.5

I’m not on this game, but the line movement seems a bit off. Utah Valley should win the game, but it looks like the money is backing Denver and the line got ever so slightly better for them.

619 KSU -4.5
620 UNLV 4.5

Eat ‘em up, beat ‘em up KSU. Give me the Wildcats to cover this one.

631 OKLA -4.5
632 MINN 4.5

Another shift in the wrong direction. Sooners should win, but 4.5 might be too many. The line has gotten slightly worse for Minnesota and better for Oklahoma.

635 ISU 2.5
636 ORST -2.5

I like this a lot. I think Iowa St can win this game outright. Give me the Cyclones.  

641 IDHO 11.5
642 UC-RIVERSIDE -11.5

I really don’t know much about any of these teams, but this line had a 1.5 shift. It’s gotten worse for Idaho and better for UCR. Money seems to be backing UCR. Another potential trap to keep your eye on.

649 TEX 8
650 PUR -8

Razor thin margins here. Purdue should handle Texas, but 8 seems a little high. I’m leaning Texas here, but I’d like to see how the line moves.

665 SAN DEIGO -2.5

Another curious one here. The line shifted very fast from -1.5 to -2.5 for SD. The money is solidly on SD. A quick glance at their stats and projections shows me that SD is probably going to win by 4.

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