College Basketball is finally upon us! I thought I’d toss a quick, and free post of all the games I’m looking at today. You’re absolutely getting what you paid for here.

601 Princeton 6
602 Duquesne -6
Duquesne will win, but -6 seems a little high.

603 Louisville -6
604 Miami Florida 6
Trap game! And with reason. Miami can cover the 6. I’m on them.

605 Pennsylvania 7.5
606 Alabama -7.5
‘Bama should cover this. I think it’s probably closer to -10.

607 Appalachian State 16
608 Michigan -16
Blowout incoming. I don’t care if I’m on the wrong side of the money. I’m on Michigan minus the 16.

609 Virginia Tech 6.5
610 Clemson -6.5
VT should win this game outright. I wish I knew a bit more about Clemson here.

611 VMI 8.5
612 East Carolina -8.5
Trap game that is a little scary. VMI should hang with EC. I think -8.5 is too much.

617 Bradley -5.5
618 St. Josephs 5.5
St. Josephs should keep it closer than 5. I like this play.

627 Ohio 11.5
628 St. Bonaventure -11.5
Too many points here for my liking. St. B wins but not enough to cover.

629 UC Davis 12.5
630 Loyola Chicago -12.5
Loyola should cover here as well, but that spread is razor thin.

633 Rice 17.5
634 Arkansas -17.5
Trap game that is dangerous. This spread is ON THE NOSE. I’m scared off here by the trap.

651 Eastern Illinois 22.5
652 Texas Tech -22.5
Why is this a trap? Texas Tech should absolutely destroy E Ill. I guess I’ll learn my lesson but I’m taking TT.

665 Cal Riverside 15.5
666 Nebraska -15.5
Another trap that I don’t get. I think NEB should cover the spread, but I can’t do it! I’m off this game.

681 Montana State 21.5
682 Utah State -21.5
Way too many points of Utah State to cover. I hate taking extreme ‘dogs in CBB, but I think I’m forced to here Montana St all day!

683 Utah U 5
684 Nevada -5
Nevada should win by 9. Another tight margin, but I’ll do it.

685 CS Northridge 12.5
686 Oregon State -12.5
Oregeon St is going to win by 15. That’s a pretty thin margin, but I’ll take it!

687 Kansas -2.5
688 Duke 2.5
Oh boy. Why aren’t you a ‘dog still Kansas? I loved that play. At -2.5 this is way too tight. Leaning Duke, but I can’t pull the trigger

001 Central Arkansas 26.5
002 Baylor -26.5
Baylor should cover here, but -26.5 is way too many for the coach that does so little with so much Scott Drew.

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