Max Bet NFL Week 4 Bets

Saxy Maxy and Mad Max talk about their NFL Week 4 bets. They see what lines have changed, what are the key injuries and then rapid fire their picks. Listen to the Degen’s NBA Totals show, NHL win Totals episode, or MLB win Totals one too.

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Max’s NFL Week 4 Bets

Max Bet NFL: Best NFL Week 4 Bets

Buffalo (-3) vs. Baltimore (3)
Spread: Bet $50 Buffalo
Total: Lean Under 51
Predicted Score: Buffalo 27 – Baltimore 21 (48)
Notes: The Bills are looking to avoid 2 losses in a row.

After losing steam against the Dolphins last week, they head back to more familiar weather in the Northeast.

They take on a Ravens team that knows a thing or two about losing steam.

This is a team that seems to let up late in the game and because of that, they also have a loss to the Dolphins under their belt.

Josh Allen versus Lamar Jackson is a preview of the MVP race.

And really, the Ravens, if they can get their defense playing better, could be a Super Bowl contender.

Both teams are in the top 4 of offensive yards per game and top 3 in points per game.

The difference really is the defense.

Buffalo is a top 4 defense and Baltimore is a bottom 10.

Ultimately, I think the Bills avoid going 2-2 to start the year and win this one.

Never a fan of betting road favorites but here I am.

$50 bet on the Bills.


Jacksonville (6.5) vs. Philadelphia (-6.5)
Spread: Bet $50 Jacksonville
Total: Lean Under 45.5
Predicted Score: Jacksonville 21 – Philadelphia 19 (40)
Notes: So far this season, the Eagles look like the team to beat.

They have a solid offensive line, two great wide receivers, their defense is humming with a tough secondary, and it looks like Jalen Hurts is progressing as a QB.

The only thing that is a question mark is their second half play.

But it’s hard to stay super motivated when you are up big by halftime.

Maybe that will be tested today.

No one else around here seems to be high up on the Jags, but I’m convinced that this is a dangerous team.

The Jags’ defense is back to form and their offense, while void of big play guys, seems to be maturing with Trevor Lawrence leading the way.

Jacksonville has some offensive line issues – but some of that can be balanced out with a strong run game to keep defenses on their toes.

In the Discord I posted a moneyline ticket for the Jags.

And I do think they have a chance to win this one.

But my advice is to just take the points here.

So a $50 bet on Jacksonville plus 6.5.


LA Chargers (-5.5) vs. Houston (5.5)
Spread: Bet $50 Houston
Total: Lean Under 45
Predicted Score: LA Chargers 21 – Houston 24 (45)
Notes: I faded the Chargers last week against the Jags and I’m ready to fade them again this week.

Justin Herbert is banged up and their running game has been awful.

The Chargers’ defense has been mediocre, at best, and their lone win game in week 1 against a winless Raiders team.

And LA almost blew that game too.

Houston has an uninspiring offense that lacks consistency.

And their defense gives up yards in chunks.

That said, they probably should have beat the Bears last week.

And they pushed the Colts to a tie in week 1.

They even kept the Broncos off the scoreboard for the most part in week 2.

So on the surface, this looks like it should be a slaughter.

But I do think Houston can keep it closer.

$50 bet on the Texans.

Arizona (1) vs. Carolina (-1)
Spread: Bet $50 Carolina
Total: Lean Over 43.5
Predicted Score: Arizona 22 – Carolina 27 (49)
Notes: Christian McCaffrey is listed as questionable for the game.

Which is, wow, such a shock.

I am in disbelief.

He’s so durable.

Anyway, it does seem like he will play.

And when he does play, he’s a difference maker.

The Cardinals lack a difference maker.

Sure, you could argue that Kyler could be one.

Only if he had a wide receiver that could make big plays and not just go out there and block.

Shit, even is secondary wide receiver from last year is the start wideout for Jacksonville.

Kyler can’t do everything on his own.

Carolina could easily be 3-0 this season.

They lost the Browns by 2 and the Giants by 3.

Arizona’s lone win was a comeback win over a winless Raiders team.

How many times can I say winless Raiders team in a single podcast?

A lot.

Anyway, I like Carolina here to win this one.

$50 bet on the Panthers.



Minnesota (-3) vs. New Orleans (3)
Spread: Lean Minnesota
Total: Lean Over 41.5
Predicted Score: Minnesota 23 – New Orleans 19 (42)

Washington (3.5) vs. Dallas (-3.5)
Spread: Lean Washington
Total: Lean Under 41.5
Predicted Score: Washington 19 – Dallas 21 (40)

Tennessee (4) vs. Indianapolis (-4)
Spread: Lean Tennessee
Total: Lean Under 42.5
Predicted Score: Tennessee 19 – Indianapolis 21 (40)

Cleveland (-1.5) vs. Atlanta (1.5)
Spread: Lean Cleveland
Total: Lean Over 47.5
Predicted Score: Cleveland 25 – Atlanta 23 (48)

NY Jets (3.5) vs. Pittsburgh (-3.5)
Spread: Lean Pittsburgh
Total: Lean Over 41.5
Predicted Score: NY Jets 22 – Pittsburgh 26 (48)

Seattle (3.5) vs. Detroit (-3.5)
Spread: Lean Seattle
Total: Lean Over 47.5
Predicted Score: Seattle 26 – Detroit 29 (55)

Chicago (3) vs. NY Giants (-3)
Spread: Lean Chicago
Total: Lean Over 38.5
Predicted Score: Chicago 20 – NY Giants 20 (40)

New England (9.5) vs. Green Bay (-9.5)
Spread: Lean New England
Total: Lean Under 40
Predicted Score: New England 15 – Green Bay 19 (34)

Denver (2.5) vs. Las Vegas (-2.5)
Spread: Lean Denver
Total: Lean Under 45.5
Predicted Score: Denver 19 – Las Vegas 16 (35)

Kansas City (1) vs. Tampa Bay (-1)
Spread: Lean Kansas City
Total: Lean Under 46
Predicted Score: Kansas City 20 – Tampa Bay 20 (40)

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