Celtics at Rockets

The Celtics take their 7 game winning streak into Houston tonight to take on a Rockets team that had been riding high with their small ball play but now have lost 2 in a row. Houston is 18-8 at home but that drops to 13-13 ATS. Boston got a close win over the Thunder on Sunday to improve their road record to 15-10. This is a tad trappish here but I’ll still take it. I’ll bet Boston with the points.

Clippers at Sixers 

The Clippers bounced back from their Saturday night blip by trouncing the Cavs on Sunday. Now they have to play their 3rd road game in 4 days against a Sixers team that has won 2 in a row to improve their home record to 24-2. Patrick Beverley is out for LA and the Sixers appear to be healthy. The Clippers are bound to be a bit tired and I know they have won 4 of 5, but this is Philly in Philly. Another one that looks a bit trappish and this time I’ll go the other way. I’ll bet the Sixers here.

Bulls at Wizards

As bad as the Bulls and Wizards played in the first half of the season, they find themselves sitting at 9 and 10 in the East. The gaps are 3.5 and 4 games behind the 8 seed – but Orlando has not been the model of consistency this season. Chicago though has lost 5 in a row and they are 8-19 on the road. The Bullets are actually decent enough at home with 67% of their wins coming from victories in DC. Zach Lavine is probable for the Bulls today and they will need him to keep up with Bradley Beal’s offense. This is too close to call for me. I’ll lean Chicago here with the points.

Spurs at Thunder

The Spurs gave up a 23 point lead last night to the Nuggets. So congrats to those people who in-gamed moneylined Denver. Now San Antonio gets to play again today against the Thunder. The Spurs have now lost 5 in a row and are 2-8 over their last 10. Despite a close loss to Boston on Sunday, the Thunder are 8-2 over their last 10 and 17-11 at home. The line is spot on here. I’ll lean the Thunder.

Blazers at Pelicans 

The Pelicans are dealing with an injury to a key player. For once, his name is not Zion. But Brandon Ingram has played well this year and missing him again will be a big challenge as the Blazers come to town fresh off their big win over Miami on Sunday. But that was a home game for Portland and now they are on the road where they are 10-18. No idea what money and public are doing yet and it’s another close one. I’ll lean Portland though.


Red Wings at Sabres

Okay, I hit on Detroit last week and swore I was off betting them. But they are red hot right now. They’ve won 2 of 3. That’s like 15% of their wins over the past week. And the head to Buffalo as a major dog against a Sabres team that is 4-5-1 over their last 10 and lost to Detroit at home last week. Can lightning strike twice? I’ll take a shot here. I’ll bet Detroit.

Rangers at Jets

Igor Shesterkin will get the start tonight for the Rangers. He is 5-1 with a 2.34 goals against. His save % is .933 and he looks like the real deal out there. The Jets are aiming for their 4th straight win but they are beatable at home. Winnipeg is 14-12-3 at the MTS Centre this season. Money and public are on the Jets and line has gotten better for them. I’ll bet the Rangers.

Golden Knights at Wild

Money is all over Vegas and line is getting worse for them. The Wild are playing well lately and are 16-8-4 at home. Might be some value in Minnesota today but not enough for me.

Senators at Avalanche Ottawa has lost 5 in a row and Colorado is hot right now. Money and public are on the Avalanche and line did get better so a little trappish – but still no value in Ottawa here.

Hurricanes at Stars

Carolina was in a bit of a slump but have started to turn things around again. Dallas is 16-9-2 at home but maybe some plus line value on the Hurricanes here. Money and public have jumped on them so be interesting to see if lone starts getting worse. If not, it’s a trap and maybe consider the Stars.


Unknown Speaker 0:00
Absolute sports betting degeneracy.

Arch 0:09
Everybody Arch here and it is Tuesday. Max, do you know where you’re? I don’t know what to say getting kicked out of discord is

Max 0:18
I was gonna say Do you know where your 23 points spurs lead is?

No good I sure as hell don’t i don’t know where that lead went. You know, during college football season sometimes arch is digging through the cushions looking for some extra points here and there. And I think we have to search those cushions to see if we find that 23 point lead or sometimes max leaves his pics at dunkin donuts. Maybe the Spurs left the 23 point lead at Dunkin Donuts so a couple places you might want to look for that lead.

Fucking believable.

Arch 0:57
What’s going on brother

Panther 0:59
You know 23

Points that’s about 33% of what the pistons scored in the entire game. The Pistons have no offense. I 76 points the entire NBA game I this is gonna be fascinating watch for the rest of the season. god awful that’s what I that’s

Arch 1:24
what I’m saying often they allow 87 What’s that about? The vaccine play defense. Where’s the Charlotte? With a playing for?

Panther 1:33
I mean, Charlotte’s pretty inept themselves, but pistons scored 11 points in the first quarter. 11 that’s, that’s less than one point a minute.

Arch 1:47
Oh, man. Good times. Good times. It’ll be fun to see what happens with Detroit for sure.

Anything else go on yesterday. We need to know about

Panther 1:57
oh, I don’t remember where you guys were. That pacers game when I was the Pacers continue to lose with Ola depot on the floor and it’s got to be a little concerning I would think

Max 2:09
not concerned for me I’m a Celtics fan I want them to I’m just worried that they’re gonna fucking finally figure things out come playoff time and they’re going to be the tough fucking out in the East you know that’s bound to happen they were dropped to like the sixth or seventh seed and be a nightmare matchup for you know whatever team ends up with the to save more than likely looking like the rappers at this point because they fuckin one again 15 straight games goddamn rappers are you know this this Pascal siakam guys he’s pretty good. It’s kind of like they only Miss bucking kawhi like seriously, like at this point in time, the way that Pascal siakam is playing. I think I’d rather have him on the court right. And quiet Leonard.

Arch 2:51
You think he’s gonna hold up the whole season like this?

Max 2:54
He was he was the fucking catalyst and that playoffs last year I drew a kawhi gets the The credit for winning that title but without siakam last year, there’s no fucking way that they get past you know the Sixers, there’s no way that they get to the finals. siakam was the heart and soul in the playoffs last year again, you know, everyone, everyone looks too quiet because you know how good a player acquires, but this has been going on now for a while. If siakam stays healthy, then he’s a dangerous dangerous man. Huh?

Arch 3:23
Max, you’re asking You’re acting like basketball is a team sport. Everybody knows in Houston, it’s not

Max 3:32
gonna rip the band aid off. Is that what you’re saying? Is that what do you suggest?

Arch 3:36
I was trying to lead you there. So if you take it,

Max 3:39
I’m gonna take it. Yeah, I’m gonna take the bait because the Celtics taking their seven game winning streak in the Houston tonight. Playing a rockets team that had been riding that small ball play for a while and now they’ve dropped two in a row. Houston they they are 18 and eight at home, but against the spread 13 and 13. And guess what they happen to be today. They happen to be favorites, Boston Got that close win on Sunday over the thunder. So their road record improved a 15 and 10 so much better than the Sixers on the road. It is a tad travellish though it’s looking like getting better for Boston with the money on them but fuck it I’ll do it I’ll bet Boston I’ll take the points

Panther 4:19
yeah I like that play I’m I can’t find any reason here looking at the stats or whatever to take the missiles Not to mention they always kick me in the ass anytime I take them or the Lakers feels like the you know the the Houston their last five games or three into the two of those games that they want at home. We’re in Charlotte and New Orleans scheme cup underperforming teams. The other one was against Utah and I don’t you know, hang on minecon losing to the jazz but you’re right. They’re not phenomenal at home. And look, I want to take Boston plus the points but you know mafia, this might be a moneyline play.

Arch 4:58
Here we go. I’m in gotcha. In Max, you had me a trap. If there’s a trap on Euston I’m taking Boston hundred percent

man but yeah public and money both seem to be on the Celtics getting a little bit better for them getting a little bit worse for the rockets. So this be fun this be a real good matchup I hope

Max 5:22
and the CO D another bed for me for Boston man this is this is scary. Scary scary times. Right? Yeah. Hey, you want to make six or six? Oh good.

Arch 5:32
Good. $50 bets. You’re up at 635 on Boston in February.

Max 5:37
I look at that. See Boston? Easy. I know the advanced statistics are leaving now.

Arch 5:44
Yeah, the Patreon sheet is so simple. Just wham bam. That’s it.

Max 5:50
So hey, as mentioned the Sixers six is on the road, but guess what? They’re not on the road. They’re at home. Oh, I mentioned I mentioned kawhi. He’s the one visiting sickness the perfect segue into the Clippers of the Sixers tonight? clippers they bounce back from their Saturday night blip by transferring the Cavs on Sunday. Now they have to play their third road game in four days against the Sixers team that have won two in a row. Do you know what you know about that two game winning streak that the Sixers have had? Can you tell me where they won those two games that

Arch 6:23
was clearly on the road right

Max 6:25
at home 24 and two Oh, okay. The thing to look out for also for LA Patrick Beverley has been ruled out sixers complete you know look to be a completely healthy everyone’s gonna play there I just the Clippers gonna be tired here again. I know they’ve won four or five but on this road trip in Philly you know it’s it’s another one that looks a little bit trap ish if you’re looking at the the money in public in the line movement, but same thing. I’m going to go the other way of the drop and bet the Sixers

Panther 6:59
yeah I was really looking at this one and the Clippers third game on the road. that very first game they got whacked by Minnesota and don’t even know what happened there. sixers they get a couple new toys right they they’re gonna Burks and Robinson at their disposal looks like they’re completely healthy. I did read where MB will play this is the Sixers last game before the all star break I think the Clippers want to see how they measure up particularly at Philadelphia that’s good measuring stick is only gonna be a lien for me. But I’m going to fade Philly here and take the Clippers

Arch 7:40
I thought I when I saw these numbers I thought you Panther were going to be all over it. One point spread there’s no number that can tell you this is a one point game clippers opened as a one point favorite and then flip flop now it’s Philly minus one

Unknown Speaker 7:54
point differential. I’ve got this clippers by four co clippers by four while you’re waiting nothin I’m gonna bet Philadelphia homeaway waypoint differentials make this a Phillies win by seven. Yeah, the homerun wife’s not gonna win them all. No,

Panther 8:10
that’s true. I’m opposite of Max. He says they’re gonna lose them all.

Max 8:16
I would venture to say that Philly has a good chance of winning the rest of their home games and losing the rest of the road games.

Unknown Speaker 8:25

Max 8:27
could happen

Panther 8:29
you could probably make some money betting that probably

Max 8:34
gonna make some money but one more games a day. Not that was it only to

Arch 8:42
max I was making the wizards here since the bulls are the

Max 8:46
Yeah, you know, I was actually leaning Chicago. Yeah. Chicago with the points there. You know, bulls are you know they’re decent enough at home. 67% of their wins have come at home this year. Zach the vine is pulling probable for the bulls today they’re definitely going to need him. lism as bad as the bulls and wizards are, they’re currently ninth and 10th right? They’re only three and a half. four games out. Buying Orlando in Orlando is not the the model of consistency here. One of these teams could make the playoffs. How fucking sad. Yeah, I didn’t want to bet this one. But yeah, I like Chicago with the points. I’ll leave them.

Panther 9:26
Okay. You know, major major league baseball is talking about expanding the playoffs. Maybe the NBA should constrict the

Max 9:34
playoffs? Yeah, absolutely. The top four Yeah, four and four.

Panther 9:40
Here. You’re 19 and 35. And your three games out of the playoffs. That’s horrible.

Max 9:45
I mean, technically still in the playoff on the fucking Miss. are still in the playoff on.

Arch 9:52
Well, they just let everybody in. Just this is the longest pre season in your In you know in sports

Panther 10:03
I mean we only playing a June anyway why not playing

Arch 10:06
July? I think we can go 364 give them a day off and then just reset them

Max 10:14
I mean if they’re gonna add two more teams because you need you need to play on playing team or something like that

Arch 10:21
maybe they’ll just take the NCAA Final Four and thrown into just

Max 10:24
I would venture to say some of these NC double A teams probably have a good shot against the some of these teams that’s always the big debate right like a dominant college football team could they beat

Panther 10:36
the Browns

Max 10:38
over there? You know like

Unknown Speaker 10:42
probably be the browns.

Max 10:43
They probably could still beat the Browns Oh my God.

Arch 10:48
What else you got?

Panther 10:51
was on this bulls bullets game I’m you know that’s what we were talking about. The Bulls lost five in a row. For those on the road. They’re horrible on the road. I think they have way more talent than Washington, but goddamnit they can’t

Arch 11:04
put it together. So I’m going to lean the bullets here. I’m leaving the bullets with you. So take that for what it’s worth.

Panther 11:13
Yeah, nobody likes either one of those teams is what it’s worth. Yeah. trailblazers are trying. They’re trying so hard to get the 500 the four games under 500 You know, they’re beating some bad teams. Here’s the thing their last five games are three into but all their wins are on the home. And all their losses are on the road. These homeaway splits these NBA teams just absolutely just shocks me. So here they are on the road at New Orleans. I think they can get new or I really do but New Orleans has been playing. So well. Zeon is going to be on the court tonight. I’m going to bet the pelicans here.

Max 11:58
Yeah, well Zions on the court. tonight but pelicans have a major injury to deal with and that is Brandon Ingram. He is questionable for today’s game no idea what the money in public you’re doing here. The everything seems a little too close for me. I’m gonna lean Portland I Ingram thing is a bit concerning for sure.

Arch 12:19
Yeah, that’s what I was leaning to trailblazers. I have no opinion on this game at all.

Panther 12:29
And we have one more touch them also spurs at thunder. God are the spirit of the Spurs are an absolute nightmare. I think they’ve lost five in a row eight of their last 10 I’m trying to determine if that lines just a little too chalky. It’s the Spurs. Why not? I’ll bet it bucket Give me the thunder.

Max 12:52
I’m with you. I’m leaning the thunder for sure. Eight two over there last 10 1711 overall at home The line just it seems a little spot on I think. I just want to give props to whoever did the in game money line on Denver yesterday. I’m sure that was a nice payout. Yeah, I’m with you, man. I’ll lean the thunder.

Arch 13:15
Yeah, it’s a lean for me too, but I don’t like this game at all. at all, so just a link all right. That’s it, Max. What you got an NHL?

Max 13:26
I was a light day in a basketball but a heavy day in NHL.

Unknown Speaker 13:32
ones like Red Wings at Sabres

Max 13:35
anyone again, any interest in doing Red Wings and Sabres because I hit on Detroit last week. And then I swore that I was betting them but they’re red hot right now guys. They want two or three that’s 15% of their wins on the season this past week. Again, they’re a major dog in Buffalo Sabres for five and one or the last 10 lost the Detroit at home last week. Can lightning strike twice? Why not? Yuma shot here. I’m gonna bet Detroit they get wild man. I am a wild man I’m gonna play a little bit more conservatively this one I’m gonna head over to archers neck of the woods where the Rangers are in town to play the Jets eager eat it for sure it will get the start tonight for the Rangers five and one 2.34 goals against safer centers is 990 3.3 he looks like the real deal here he gets the start tonight the Jets they’re aiming for their fourth straight win. But they are beatable at home I mean they’re only 1412 and three at the MTS center this season. Money in public seem to be on the Jets line has gotten better for them so I will bet the Rangers there. Those are my two pics. I do have a couple more games that I would like to talk about if we have a couple of minutes I think we do. Golden Knights at wild Panthers probably interested in that one. Money all over Vegas lines getting worse for them so seems to make sense. Wild though, playing well lately and they are 16 eight and four home so I actually think there might be some value in Minnesota today just not enough for me senators that avalanche another one a Panthers team Ottawa they’ve lost five in a row Colorado absolutely fucking hot right now money in public all over avalanche and line did get better better for them so again a little travellish they’re still absolutely no fucking value in auto here stay clear of that one last one out this is an interesting one none not not any of the teams we really talked about it maybe maybe some sometimes a hurricane that stars Carolina they were in a bit of a slump starting to turn things around Dallas though 16 nine and two at home. So you know I’m looking at this though, plus line value on the Hurricanes here the money and public have jumped on them. So it’s going to be interesting to see if that line starts getting worse. If not, it’s a trap and maybe consider the stars so those those are the other games. I’m not betting them but figured we talk about them.

Arch 15:57
Yeah, for sure.

Panther 16:00
One more game we need maximises opinion on here. Our early season one of our favorite teams, the coyotes are going to go up to the northern. You know, marches land up there in Toronto. Is there enough value? I mean, Arizona they’re getting a pretty decent plus line here. I’m kind of liking that. But I know they’ve been playing like shit lately. What do you

Max 16:22
think of that? I hate them on the back to back they did get the win yesterday over the Canadians. So they are on this nice little you laughing at that? No, no, no. Yeah, cuz I bet the Canadians Yes. is really really good at home. I I don’t really see value in there be interesting to see where the money in public lies on this one because it’s still too early. But no, I think Toronto probably wins this one. So, yeah, I got Yeah, the coyotes man they are just fading fast. They need to turn things around. They even want to make the playoffs. At this point

Panther 17:02
yeah, that was that was the only other one I was looking at. Nothing else is really moving like crazy. You already touched on the Colorado game which is the biggest shift.

Arch 17:10
I guess that’s it. Let’s recap this. Let’s call it a day. Max is going to lead the bulls Panther and I are leading the wizards in that matchup. No real strong opinions. They’re Panthers leaning the clippers. He’s not gonna bet he’s gonna leave the Clippers on the road Max and I are betting the Philadelphia 70 sixers at home. Max and I are leaning the blazers Panthers going to bet the pelicans and that one we’re all three on the thunder Panthers betting at Maxim they’re leaning it and we’re all three on the Boston Celtics kiss of death against the Houston missiles and that is it. That is it Hey head over to our discord channel let’s know anything but our pics your pics anyone’s pics if you’re on Twitter find us at betting absolute on Facebook at sports betting degeneracy or absolute sports betting degeneracy that is the name of the show the very show you are listening to such fine stations as long as Lipson is working Stitcher, Spotify.

Max 18:00
iTunes and I Heart Radio no matter where you listen to that sometimes on Google Drive because we have to post the fucking show there until our feed goes through. Please give us highest ratings comment subscribe, download and listen to every single episode. It is Tuesday Panther bring us home.

Panther 18:17
Panther is home but it’s time to hit the road will be heading out to Denver today. It looks like it’s going to be a decent day to drive. Get out of the weather coming this way but you guys know the deal. discord is where we hang out shoot the shit talk about yesterday, what we did yesterday What we’re going to do today, so jump on Discord. Let us know what you got and when it’s all said and done kids max amount of

Unknown Speaker 18:43
information on this podcast may not be construed to offer any kind of investment advice or recommendations. Under no circumstances will be owner operators of this podcast we have responsible for damages related to its contents.

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