NBA Bets February 21st Degeneracy

5 thoughts on “NBA Bets February 21st Degeneracy”

  1. Firsthalffool avatar Daniel ARELLANO says:

    Why doesnt anyone do 1st half plays in NBA? Just found your podcast after the football season. Not sure if any of you were doing that for NFL or NCAA.
    Who is the thoroughbred degenerate on this podcast? There is at least 10 good derby preps before the Triple Crown.
    Like your show.


    1. Arch Stanton avatar Arch Stanton says:

      Hey Dano! I’ve been coordinating schedules with Rich the horse racing honorary degen. We’re always up against the clock in what we can talk about. Question back to you: Dano isn’t a common nickname I don’t think. Are you the Dano I’ve heard mentioned on a particular podcast? I’m being coy because you’ll either know what I’m talking about or not.

      1. Firsthalffool avatar Daniel ARELLANO says:

        Hi Arch, no relations to any previous pods. Dano from Cali. Whats the discord invite so i can login through there. Looking forward to hearing from Rich. I will post my shit in discord when i connect. Is bet365 a good site? Need a good one in California.

    2. Mad Max says:

      Thanks for listening, man!