A quick hitter on some interesting or scary line movements.

Buffalo Bills @ Cleveland Browns
Opened at BUF +2.5 (-100) @ CLE -2.5 (-110). Shifted to BUF +2 (+102) @ CLE -2 (-113). Those are the Pinnacle lines, but every book out there is doing what they can to incentivize you to take the Bills plus the points. The public is gobbling up those points heavily and the money is more even. This, so far, is the number one game to keep an eye on.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Tennessee Titans
Opened at KC -3.5 on the road with only 5dimes reporting in. Everyone is grabbing this hard! Are they hoping for Mahomes or are they content with a Matt Moore led Chiefs team?

Arizona Cardinals @ Tampa Bay Bucs
This is the biggest shift so far. Opened with ARI +6 @ TB -6 and now it’s Arizona +4.5. The public is loving Arizona plus the points. They’ve finally figured out Arizona covers really well(anyone remember the 49ers from last season?). Another trap being set?

Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears
Opened with DET +3 @ CHI -3 and as seemingly no one has confidence on the Bears as the line shifted down to either a crappy paying +3 or +2.5 for the Lions. 2.5 is always a dangerous number!

Carolina Panthers @ Green Bay Packers
Opened with GB -6 at home and has now shifted to -5.5. Max’s favorite fraud team got a half a point better as early public and money are jumping ship to the Panthers.

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