Degen Show (11/30/2020)

Your favorite Degens give you their NFL Week 12 Monday Night Football Picks. Check back to see how they did this weekend.

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Max’s NFL Week 12 Recap


Point 1: No QB in Denver

NFL Week 12 Monday Night Football Picks

The Broncos were forced to start practice squad wide receiver Kendall Hinton as their QB due to Covid 19 violations by all of their other QBs. QB Jeff Driskel has Covid and the other 3 Denver QBs were in a QB meeting with him and not wearing masks.

After a failed attempt by Denver to get a quality control coach approved to start the game – basically the league saying we don’t want teams stashing players as coaches – the Broncos were forced to go with Hinton. Hinton was 1 for 9, threw for 13 yards and 2 interceptions.

The NFL also refused to move the game to see if any QBs could test negative. It really seems like the league was using the Broncos as an example – especially because they are repeat offenders. If you are a betting man, I’d eye up the teams following the protocols the best and place a wager on them to make the Super Bowl.

Call it a conspiracy theory or just a gut feeling here, but the league has drawn a line in the sand and those who cross it, will pay.


Point 2: Conspiracy in Jacksonville

NFL Week 12 Monday Night Football Picks

Keeping with my theme of conspiracy theories, the Jaguars almost beat the Browns yesterday. Cleveland managed to win the game 27-25 but it was a bit scary for them for a while. Shortly after the game, the Jags fired GM Dave Caldwell.

The timing of it was odd. They were already guaranteed a losing record on the year and there’s really n moves that Caldwell can do from here on out. It could be that the Jags want to start the process now – but with teams fighting for playoff spots, I’m not sure how that really helps.

The only thing I can think of is that the close loss was a wakeup call to ownership that they need to finish with 1 win to guarantee a top 2 pick. Maybe Caldwell wasn’t towing that line and got the axe as a result. Or maybe he sucks at his job and deserved it. You decide.


Point 3: Giants win, Giants lose?

NFL Week 12 Monday Night Football Picks

The New York Giants beat the Bengals yesterday but it wasn’t Daniel Jones who led them to the complete victory. Jones suffered a “pretty bad” hamstring injury that could cause him to miss some time. The NFC East leading Giants will need to make due with Colt McCoy as they try to hold off the Washington Football Team as division champs.

The Giants play the Seahawks next week and have yet to beat a team with a winning record. McCoy has a steadiness about him that could actually help the Giants this season – but playing time for Jones is critical to his development. Wonder if the Giants miss Eli and his insane game starting streak.


Point 4: Don’t Bury the Hoodie

NFL Week 12 Monday Night Football Picks

Yesterday showed that the Hoodie is not dead. Much like a villain in a horror film, he just refuses to die. Kyler Murray definitely was favoring his sore shoulder – but it was some steady play at the end of the game, and a 50 yard field goal, that kept the Patriots’ playoff hopes alive and put a roadblock in place for Arizona’s playoff hopes.

Cam Newton once again looked terrible as a QB – but solid at running back. Special teams also played a role as the Pats got good field position off kickoffs and punts – shortening the field for them.

The Pats really have an outside shot to make the playoffs, but it’s a shot nonentheless.


Point 5: Yes, Now I Remember the Titans

NFL Week 12 Monday Night Football Picks

Tennessee annihilated the #1 defense in the league yesterday. Derek Henry ran for 178 yards and 3 TDs as the Titans beat the Colts 45-26. Phillip Rivers added another interception to his stat history and it was the Titans’ defense against the rush that looked like the dominant defense between the two teams.

Tennessee now has the AFC South in the grasps and have a mixed bag of a remaining schedule with 2 easily winnable games and 3 somewhat winnable games. The Colts are in a similar situation but probably have the harder path as they have the Texans twice, the Steelers and a bipolar Raiders team that could come out and beat their asses. Or shit the bed like they did yesterday.


Point 6: Goff Fuck Yourself

NFL Week 12 Monday Night Football Picks

The Rams lost the 49ers again – making it a season sweep and 4 straight losses to the Niners. The Rams had another poor outing by Jared Goff has he tossed two interceptions and squandered a solid defensive outing by Aaron Donald and crew.

Sean McVay hinted after the game that turnovers at the QB spot are costly to the team. No shit. I’ve not held back my thoughts on Jared Goff and he’s the proverbial cold shower to Rams fans. Just when you think the Rams are clicking and looking like a Super Bowl contender, Goff pops his goofy face into the picture to remind us that a Super Bowl win might not be possible unless the Rams make a switch at QB.


Extra Point

My extra point has nothing to do with football. It’s a lesson in betting a sport you have no clue about. Last week, we were discussing that former basketball player Nate Robinson would be fighting YouTube star Jake Paul. I had been reading about how Nate was waking up early, training and getting his body ready for the fight.

Well, apparently that training did not include training for actual boxing. Because for all of Jake Paul’s trash talk, he showed up in condition and knew how to box. Nate flailed around for 1.5 rounds before Paul literally KO’d Nate.

It will be meme worthy for years.

If you listen to the very end of the shows, Arch sometimes puts in post credit stingers. The one on Friday had me back tracking away from Nate after watching video of Paul boxing. It didn’t deter me from throwing some action on Nate at +250 on Saturday.

Ten seconds into the fight, I knew it was a mistake. Lesson learned. I should have found footage of Nate sparring or just not backed the fight at all. I’ll leave the boxing picks to Rich.


Max’s NFL Week 12 Monday Night Football Picks

Seattle at Philadelphia

NFL Week 12 Monday Night Football Picks

Spread: SEA -6.5 (Lean Seahawks)

Total: 49 (Lean Over – 55)

Predicted Score: Seahawks 33 – Eagles 22

Overview: If the Eagles planned on showing up for the season, this would be the game to do it in. As of now, it has not looked great for them. Carson Wentz has 14 interceptions and 10 fumbles. That leads the league in both and puts him into Blake Bortles territory.

Defensively, the Eagles have not been that bad. They are top 6 in passing yards allowed per game and Darius Slay should get assigned to DK Metcalf after Metcalf shredded the Eagles in the playoffs last year. Where the Eagles can be exploited is on the ground. So expect Seattle to run the ball a lot if they have a healthy Carlos Hyde and Chris Carson.

The pressure is on Seattle to win and keep some distance from the Rams – who squandered a winnable game yesterday. The Seahawks have the easiest record from here on out and really should win this one. Is this the game that Wentz silences the critics and puts up some big numbers against a bad Seattle secondary?

If he doesn’t, it will be Jalen Hurts time in Philly. Hurts has already got first team reps this past week and the microscope is centered on Wentz to perform. I have the Seahawks winning this handily but I cannot trust them. Road favorites were 2-4-1 ATS yesterday and I do have a gut feeling Philly shows up for this game.

As such, I will only lean the Seahawks.

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