Degen Show (12/17/2020)

Your favorite Degens give you their NFL Week 15 Thursday Night Football Bets and then pick their NBA Conference winners. More NFL action was covered on yesterday’s DFS show and NBA totals on Tuesday’s show.

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Max’s NFL Week 15 Thursday Night Football Bets

LA Chargers at Las Vegas

NFL Week 15 Thursday Night Football Bets

Spread: LV -3 (Lean Raiders)

Total: 54 (Bet Under – 47)

Predicted Score: Raiders 25 – Chargers 22

Overview: The Raiders’ defense has been bad. I mean, really bad. So bad that they fired their defensive coordinator after giving up 44 points to the Colts. But I’m not sure if a change in coordinator will help. This defense wasn’t that good to begin with and has dealt with injuries all year. Jonathan Abram, Clelin Ferrell, Damon Arnette and Nicholas Morrow are all out this week.

That should mean a solid week from Justin Herbert and the Chargers’ offense. The problem is that you can’t trust the Chargers to close out games and that stinker against the Pats still lingers in our memories. The Patriots, of course, have one of the better defenses in the league and as mentioned, the Raiders defense sucks. The Chargers have some questions on offense though. Keenan Allen, Mike Williams and Austin Ekeler are listed as questionable.

For the Raiders, Derek Carr will be without Henry Ruggs due to Covid 19 and will face a Chargers defense that welcomed Joey Bosa back. So while we expect these teams to put up a lot of points I am thinking that these injuries and the short week will result in some stagnant offensive drives at times.

The Raiders are 2-4 at home but LA is 1-5 on the road. So no one has the advantage there. Ultimately I think the Raiders win this one and I have them covering by mere percentage points. I’ll lean Vegas here.

Max’s NBA Conference Picks

Eastern Conference 2021 Expected Wins 2021 Expected Losses 2021 Expected Win %
Milwaukee Bucks 60 12 0.833
Brooklyn Nets 51 21 0.708
Miami Heat 51 21 0.708
Boston Celtics 50 22 0.694
Toronto Raptors 46 26 0.639
Philadelphia 76ers 44 28 0.611
Indiana Pacers 37 35 0.514
Atlanta Hawks 29 43 0.403
Washington Wizards 28 44 0.389
Chicago Bulls 23 49 0.319
Orlando Magic 22 50 0.306
New York Knicks 20 52 0.278
Charlotte Hornets 16 56 0.222
Cleveland Cavs 12 60 0.167
Detroit Pistons 11 61 0.153


The Bucks should once again be the top seed in the East this year and have homecourt (as long as there is no bubble) throughout the playoffs. This won’t be an easy path for them as they will get either Toronto or Boston in the second round.

I see Miami getting upset in the first round and the Nets getting by the 76ers in the second round to setup a Bucks/Nets conference finals. Ultimately, Milwaukee should make the Finals this year behind a motivated Giannis (who will be in the MVP talks once again).

Seed Team
1 Milwaukee Bucks
8 Atlanta Hawks Milwaukee Bucks
4 Boston Celtics Boston Celtics
5 Toronto Raptors Milwaukee Bucks
Milwaukee Bucks
3 Miami Heat Brooklyn Nets
6 Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia 76ers
2 Brooklyn Nets Brooklyn Nets
7 Indiana Pacers


Western Conference 2021 Expected Wins 2021 Expected Losses 2021 Expected Win %
LA Lakers 57 15 0.792
LA Clippers 53 19 0.736
Denver Nuggets 51 21 0.708
Utah Jazz 48 24 0.667
Golden State Warriors 48 24 0.667
Dallas Mavs 45 27 0.625
Phoenix Suns 43 29 0.597
Portland Trailblazers 41 31 0.569
Houston Rockets 40 32 0.556
New Orleans Pelicans 37 35 0.514
OKC Thunder 34 38 0.472
San Antonio Spurs 27 45 0.375
Memphis Grizzlies 25 47 0.347
Minnesota Timberwolves 19 53 0.264
Sacramento Kings 12 60 0.167


Well, looks like the NBA will get its dream matchup this year. The Lakers will once again match up against the Trailblazers in the first round and then face Steph Curry and the Warriors in round 2. The path again will be through the Nuggets as the Lakers make the Finals to face Giannis and the Bucks.

Seed Team
1 LA Lakers
8 Portland Trailblazers LA Lakers
4 Utah Jazz Golden State Warriors
5 Golden State Warriors LA Lakers
LA Lakers
3 Denver Nuggets Denver Nuggets
6 Dallas Mavs Denver Nuggets
2 LA Clippers LA Clippers
7 Phoenix Suns


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