Excepts from Max’s Notes:

• The Falcons. Playoff bound?

• The Raiders too?

• The Ravens? Still good.

• The Dolphins winnings streak is over!

• We whiffed on the Redskins. Jeez.

• The 49ers took another step of taking the NFC West.

• Patriots grinded out a win. Not dominant but a good win to prepare for the playoffs.

• The Vikings came back from a big deficit. They for real?

• Jacoby Brissett is back. Nick Foles not so much.

• Wonder if Mitch Trubisky’s injury will be as bad as Joe Flacco’s!


Chiefs at Chargers

Both of these teams are coming off losses last week. We thought the second half Chargers were ready to show up but they shit the bed against the Raiders last week. The Chiefs should get a boost hopefully from another week of Patrick Mahomes being a bit healthier. Not that the Chargers have a home field advantage, but if the field isn’t absolutely shit today, they might have more of a home field in Mexico as compared to Los Angeles. I don’t think the Chargers have the secondary to keep up with the full assault of the Chiefs array of weapons.


Celtics at Suns

The Celtics are coming off game 1 of a back to back. They lost to the Kings yesterday and I thought they would be over the travel and timezone issues, but they looked tired at times. Now the Suns will be salivating to take on Boston with less rest.

Cavs at Knicks

Cleveland has lost 3 in a row after beating the Knicks last Sunday. New York is coming off a close loss to the Hornets on Saturday. New York has the extra day’s rest over Cleveland, but I still think Cleveland bounces back from two double digit losses.

Hornets at Raptors

The Hornets have won two straight – both close ones. But still wins nonetheless. The Raptors are coming off a near double digit loss to the Mavs on Saturday. The Raptors are tired, and a bit beat up. Siakim had an off night on Saturday.

Pacers at Nets

The Nets got a much-needed win on Saturday but now they need a string of wins that they hope to get going tonight against the Pacers. Indy has been frustrating in the early part of the season and has been a team of streaks. They are currently on a 2-game losing streak but that could also just be the competition they play. The Pacers cannot seem to compete with the more elite teams in the NBA but can win against the middle and bottom dwellers. I’m not sure what the Nets are yet but it’s not elite right now.

Bucks at Bulls

Milwaukee has won 4 of 5 and finally covered a game. They’ve been winning but not as convincingly as they did last season. One of the teams they beat but did not cover against was this very Bulls team last week. That game was in Milwaukee and this is in Chicago, so the current line seems to jive with change of venue. I would have liked this game at the opening line but for now it’s only a lean for Milwaukee. Until they can show they can cover some games, they are a tough team to bet on.

Blazers at Rockets

The Blazers got a much-needed win on Saturday as the Spurs could not help Lamarcus Aldridge beat his former team. Houston has won 8 of 10 and covered in 4 out of their last 5. Jimmy Harden seems to be trying to average 40 points per game and it’s almost a prop bet at this point over if he will do that or LeBron will lead the league in assists or both.

Spurs at Mavs

The Spurs are in a major slump and that’s got to stop sooner or later. Not sure if that’ll be tonight though. Other than against the Knicks, the Mavs play solid at home. Doncic had a solid game – other than his shooting – on Saturday and I can see him stepping up big today against a Spurs team that just seems lost out there.

Timberwolves at Jazz

Ja Morant got the better of Mike Conley on Friday night and that broke the Jazz’s winning streak. Minnesota is coming off a 20-point trouncing by the Rockets. I think Minnesota should be able to hang within 10 points here, but….

Thunder at Clippers

Paul George will get to play his former team tonight after looking damn good since returning from injury. OKC is coming off a damn fine win over the Sixers on Friday. I could foresee the Clippers getting a blowout but OKC is not rolling over this season.


Ducks at Capitals

The Ducks are coming a big win over the Blues and look to upset the Capitals tonight. I just don’t think that will happen, but this is a damn full glass of chalk-late milk to drink.

Kings at Coyotes

The Kings have won 3 in a row and the Coyotes bounced back big time against their loss to Minnesota.

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