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Week 12 Overview

• Josh Allen won the Allen Bowl! He threw for over 100 yards more than Brandon Allen which is sad because Josh only threw for 185 yards.

• Mitch Trubisky only threw two interceptions yesterday. And neither were as costly as the fumble from Daniel Jones.

• Mason Rudolph. Where do I begin? This is the point where a sophisticated radio show would pull the audio of me talking about him on yesterday’s Patreon show. Well, I couldn’t get sports betting right yesterday, but I called this one. Rudolph was benched for Devlin Hodges and the Steelers won the game.

• The Browns did what we expected. They beat up on a team who realized they won too many games to get a great draft pick.

• The Redskins won. Now excuse me while I go take a selfie and miss the final snap of the first win of my NFL career.

• The Jaguars’ offense was good yesterday. The Titans’ offense was twice as good.

• The Cowboys gave Bill Bellichick another win to his record. I mean, they should have won that game but decided that Bill’s record at Foxborough means more than taking a strangle hold on the NFC East.

• The Raiders must have left their winning ways in California. It sure as shit didn’t travel with them to Jersey.

• The NFC South games didn’t quite go as expected. The Bucs beat the best defense in the league and the Saints barely beat a struggling Carolina team at home in New Orleans.

• Now for the Sunday night game. It’s looking like we might have a Super Bowl rematch with the Niners and Ravens. Because you’re goddamn crazy if you think that fraud of a fucking team from Green Bay will do anything in the playoffs.


Ravens at Rams

The Rams’ very slim playoff hopes are tied to a win tonight. At this point, it’s between them and the Green Bay frauds but some other teams are hanging in there too. Never thought this Rams team would end up being a home underdog but Lamar Jackson and the Ravens indeed are the better team. The Ravens have the best rush offense and the Rams have the third best rush defense – so be interesting to see how that plays out. The Ravens don’t have many flaws, but their offensive line has a few weak points that maybe Aaron Donald can exploit. The Rams of course have a very bad o-line which has been the crux of their issues this year. Brandon Cooks appears to be back, but Robert Woods might be out. Would it surprise me if the Ravens came into LA and destroyed the Rams? No. But I’d like to think LA steps up for this one and keeps it tight. I’m 0-5 this week so go ahead and fade me.


Kings at Celtics

The Celtics return home from the West with only 1 win and 4 losses. Three of those losses were game losses and the biggest loss was of Kemba Walker. The injury isn’t as bad as it could have been but it still means he misses tonight. The Kings got the better of Boston out on Sacramento and have won 3 of 4. I hate this one. Win Kemba out the Celtics are vulnerable.

Nets at Cavs

Kyrie Irving’s injury will last 3 more games. That means he doesn’t have to play in Cleveland or in Boston. Very lucky for him. The Nets have won three in a throw without him and face a Cavs team that broke their losing streak Saturday against Portland. I think the Nets will soon realize they need LaVert and Kyrie back to keep winning.

Magic at Pistons

Both teams battling injuries though for the Magic, it’s their top two players. For Detroit, it’s Blake Griffin’s slow recovery into normal playing time. Both teams lost on Saturday and for the Pistons, that was their sixth loss in seven games. I just don’t see how the Magic can stay competitive, but I don’t trust Detroit.

Grizzlies at Pacers 

The Pacers have won two in a row and 9 of their last 12 and have done so while battling injuries. We all know about Oladipo but now they are trying to win without Malcolm Brogdon who was their leading scorer and big free agency pickup. Domontas Sabonis has been keeping them afloat and they look to notch another win against a Grizzlies team that has lost three in a row but played the Lakers very tightly on Saturday.

Timberwolves at Hawks

The Timberwolves have their star players available, but their bench and depth is being decimated by injuries. The Hawks hope to take advantage of that as they have lost 6 straight. Their Saturday night game against the Raptors was competitive so maybe they are ready to get a much-needed win. But I think the 1-2 punch from Minnesota will be enough here.

Sixers at Raptors 

The Sixers remember the last time these teams played and are happy that Kawhi Leonard isn’t there to break their hearts again. But the Raptors still look like a very tough team to beat in the East. The Raptors are coming off a come from behind win on Saturday over the Hawks and the Sixers hit the road with a 4-game winning streak under their belt.

Hornets at Heat

The Heat shit the bed against the Sixers which has been part of their M.O. all season. They have blips like these where they look like they just don’t care. Now they head home and have the Charlotte Hornets in town to hopefully beat up on and get back on a winning streak. The Hornets have lost 4 in a row and most recently was a close on to the Bulls on Saturday. The Heat should bounce back with a win but not sure they cover.

Blazers at Bulls

The Blazers have lost 4 in a row and have yet to get Carmelo his first win after coming back to the league. The Bulls needed a crazy effort by Zach LaVine in order to get past the Hornets on Saturday. Man, this is too close.

Jazz at Bucks

The Bucks have one loss in their last 12 games. It was against Utah. But that game was on the road and now they host the Jazz in Milwaukee tonight. The Jazz have won 3 straight but are a much better team at home. The Bucks have won 7 straight and it doesn’t seem to matter where they play.

Lakers at Spurs

The Spurs got a much-needed win over the Knicks, but it doesn’t get easy for them as the Lakers are in town. The Spurs do play better at home but it’s hard to put this Spurs team against even that lackluster Spurs team that struggled to make the playoffs last year. The Lakers are on cruise controls right now, but they have struggled as of late to cover their spreads. Seems too obvious and such a square play.

Thunder at Warriors

The Thunder only have 2 more wins than the Warriors, but it seems like they are the much better team. They played the Lakers tough and seem to always show up. The Warriors are 1-9 in their last 10 and only have a surprising win over Memphis as their lone win. OKC probably covers this one but maybe the Warriors have another surprise.


Islanders at Ducks

The Islanders finally lost one. It took OT but the Sharks got the better of New York and broke their winning streak. Let’s see if they can start another streak tonight in Anaheim. The Ducks return home after a 1-3 road trip. Anaheim has a winning home record but have lost 5 in a row at home so we can’t say they have much of an advantage once you factor in recency. As for the Islanders, with an OT loss on Saturday they still keep their point streak of 17 games alive.

Golden Knights at Stars

Vegas hits the road after a 2-2 home stand. They head to Dallas where they face one of the NHL’s hottest teams. The Stars have won 6 straight and aim to tie their franchise record of 7 tonight. Dallas is 10-0-1 in their last 11 games and is bound to stumble a bit. Though maybe their major stumble happened at the beginning of the season when they started 1-7-1. Either way I don’t think they are done winning just yet.

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