It’s a podcast I never thought would happen. Alex from Oddsjam joins Arch to discuss EVERYTHING. Alex went from investments to sports betting and knows a thing or two about being limited by the books. He approaches betting from the ultimate mathematical perspective. You may find yourself agreeing or disagreeing, but you will learn quite a bit from this chat.

Topics Discussed

  • Line shopping and why it might be the biggest indicator of success or failure by most gamblers.
  • Arbitrage bets, can you avoid being “noticed” by the sportsbooks? Is there anything you can do to avoid being limited by the books?
  • Positive expected value. What is it and how can we find it?
  • No vig lines. Are they accurate? What can we learn from them?
  • Closing line value. How important is it?
  • Where do baby lines come from? Do the “less” sharp books really care about being out of step with the big boys?
  • Alex gets a little controversial when discussing reverse line movements/”trappy” lines.
  • Managing your money?
  • Betting on the NFL advice.

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