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Hawks at Cavs
The Cavs are riding a 6 game losing streak and the Hawks aren’t doing much better. Both teams made big splashes by upgrading their centers at the trade deadline. Both teams have dreadful respective home and away records. The Hawks have the best player on the court which I always like when two subpar teams meet up but not enough to bet it. I’ll lean Atlanta.
Pistons at Magic
The Pistons terrible offense will be something to watch the rest of the way. The same used to be said about the Magic earlier in the season. It’s still not great though. Their 103 points per game is second worst in the league – only about the Hornets. The Pistons have lost 3 in a row and are 8-18 on the road. Orlando is decent at home but as home favorites, not so much. They should get the win but this is a few points higher than I want to bet them at. I’ll lean the Pistons with the points.
Wizards at Knicks
So it took double OT on Sunday to break the Knicks 4 game winning streak. The Bullets just went 3-2 on their homestand and are hitting the road where they are 6-20. This line is pretty spot on. Maybe a tad high for the Knicks. No data on this game and not one I’d feel good betting on anyway so I’ll lean the Knicks.
Bucks at Pacers
Two streaking teams here. The Bucks have won 5 in a row and the Pacers have lost 6 in a row. The Pacers have their best chance to break that streak against Milwaukee as Giannis will sit out. The Pacers are 18-10 at home after dropping their last 5 home games. Another one I can’t bet because I’m a #professionalleaner. I’ll lean Indiana here.
Raptors at Nets
The Raptors take their 15 game winning streak into Brooklyn tonight to fave a Nets team that has held their own – once again – without Kyrie on the court. The Raptors are one of those rare teams in this league that are very good at home and also on the road. I really want to fade this team at some point but they make it very hard to. I’ll bet the Raptors here.
Blazers at Grizzlies 
Portland got beat by Zion yesterday and now they have to turn around and play the other bigname rookie as they head to Memphis to play Ja Morant and the Grizzlies. The Grizzlies have won 3 of 4 and continue to hold the 8th seed in the West. Portland cannot find consistency and part of that is their 10-18 road record. I do like the Grizzlies here but it’s a point or two higher than I’d like to bet. I’ll lean the Blazers with the points.
Hornets at Timberwolves 
Minnesota’s new duo couldn’t keep up with the Raptors the other day on the road and now they get to go back to Minnesota and see if their new acquisition can put on a show in front of the home crowd. Both teams have been dreadful but sadly, the Hornets have one more win than Minnesota has over their last 10. But that losing started before trading Wiggins for D’Angelo Russell so it’s yet to be determined how they do with him in the lineup. It’s a big line and not much I like today but I’ll bet the Timberwolves.
Kings at Mavericks 
It seems like Luka is going to play tonight. He practiced on Tuesday and appears to be ready to go. How many minutes he will play right before the Mavs break for the All Star game, who knows. Dallas definitely missed him and are facing a Kings team that was playing fairly well before running into a wall called Milwaukee. Dallas has underperformed at home this season and Sacramento is actually 16-11 on the road ATS. I like the Kings here getting the points but I’ll hold off and see if I can get anymore once Luka is officially listed as playing.
Heat at Jazz
The Heat need to solve their road problems soon. They are facing a Jazz team that has won 3 in a row and are 19-5 at home. That drops to 13-11-1 ATS though. Another close one but I’ll bet the Jazz here.
Warriors at Suns
Phoenix has lost 4 of 5 and they should win this one. But it’s hard to gauge how the Warriors will play with Wiggins the rest of the way out. I’ll lean the Suns.
Lakers at Nuggets 
Solid matchup with the Nuggets at home and posting a 21-6 record. But the Lakers are a damn good road team. Flip a coin in this one. I’ll lean the Nuggets.
Canadiens at Bruins
The Bruins just don’t lose at home. 19-2-9 means that if they do lose, it’s not in regulation. Montreal lost their last one (trust me, I know) but has been pretty good overall and especially on the road. Wish I could say there was value there. I mean, there is. Just nothing I want to mess with. I’ll lean Boston.
Flames at Kings
I hate that this is so trappish. The money and public are on Calgary and the line is getting better for them and worse for the Kings. Calgary has won 2 in a row but haven’t been stellar lately. That said they are 16-12-2 on the road. I’ll bet the Flames.
Blackhawks at Canucks 
Chicago was on the verge of the playoffs and dropped 4 in a row. Vancouver is one of the best teams in the West and at 18-6-3, one of the best home teams. Another one that is really trappish. And like a sucker, I’ll take it. I’ll bet Vancouver.

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