Degen Show (10/1/21)

Your favorite Degens give you their Sports Bet Picks for 10/1/21. Listen to the Degen’s MLB futures episode or their mulligan after the All Star break.

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Max’s Sports Bet Picks for 10/1/21


Sports Bet Picks for 10/1/21


TB (106) at NYY (-124)

Pitchers: S. McClanahan (ERA: 3.28 – Road ERA: 3.03 – Avg. ML: -137) vs. N. Cortes Jr. (ERA: 3.13 – Home ERA: 3.26 – Avg. ML: -125)

Pick: Bet $10 NYY

Notes: I really don’t think enough love is given to a very critical element to the Yankees’ success this season: Nestor Cortes’ amazing mustache. Like seriously. This dude looks like a player from the 1980s. Not just the stache either. But his non-athletic build and probably an ability to drink a case of beer before a start.

He’s not the only reason I’m betting the Yankees today. But he’s the main one.

Tampa is in cruise control right now. They just need to keep players loose and somewhat competitive without risking injury. The Yankees are rolling once again and need to keep that up to secure that home field in the Wild Card game. They are 2 games up on the Sox and Mariners and 3 games up on Toronto.

A lot of that had to do with sweeping Boston and then taking 2 of 3 from the Blue Jays. It also didn’t help that Boston shit the bed the last few days.

So yeah, the Yankees are still playing for something. Cortes has an amazing pornstache. And the Bronx Bombers should win.

$10 bet on the Yankees.


CLE (-123) at TEX (113)

Pitchers: E. Morgan (ERA: 4.86 – Road ERA: 3.06 – Avg. ML: 159) vs. S. Howard (ERA: 6.46 – Home ERA: 9.21 – Avg. ML: 132)

Pick: Bet $10 CLE

Notes: Tough to bet on a game when neither team has anything to play for. But someone’s got to win. It’s not football with its dumb fucking ties. It’s baseball. With its dumb fucking extra baserunner in the 10th.

Eli Morgan is set to start today for the Guardians and he’s looked great in his last two outings. The same cannot be said about Spencer Howard – who continues to look like the pile of dogshit that the Phillies sent away at the trade deadline.

Texas made it to 100 losses this season. Congrats. Make it 101.

$10 bet on Cleveland.


SD (125) at SF (-149)

Pitchers: J. Musgrove (ERA: 3.39 – Road ERA: 3.91 – Avg. ML: -139) vs. A. DeSclafani (ERA: 3.33 – Home ERA: 3.42 – Avg. ML: -104)

Pick: Bet $10 SF

Notes: There is a bit of a pitching discrepancy for the Padres. Musgrove was slated to start as of yesterday but seeing he might get scratched. I have some lines available for this game in New Jersey so I’m going to bet with the info I have. And that info is the Padres suck and should lose no matter who they start.

What kind of moron bets on San Diego? In particular, what kind of moron bet on them yesterday to beat the Dodgers. Well that moron won’t be fooled again. DeSclafani didn’t have his best stuff in his last game but is having a very good year.

The Giants have won 105 games this year and are riding a 6-game winning streak as they try to fend off the Dodgers in the West. Make it 106 wins and a 7-game winning streak.

$10 bet on San Francisco.



CIN (-170) at PIT (150)

Pitchers: L. Castillo (ERA: 4.19 – Road ERA: 5.35 – Avg. ML: -112) vs. W. Crowe (ERA: 5.92 – Home ERA: 5.34 – Avg. ML: 161)

Pick: Lean PIT


BOS (-196) at WSH (178)

Pitchers: E. Rodriguez (ERA: 5.37 – Road ERA: 4.32 – Avg. ML: -114) vs. J. Rogers (ERA: 2.91 – Home ERA: 2.65 – Avg. ML: 127)

Pick: Lean BOS


BAL (275) at TOR (-335)

Pitchers: C. Ellis (ERA: 2.58 – Road ERA: 0.98 – Avg. ML: 222) vs. S. Matz (ERA: 3.99 – Home ERA: 4.2 – Avg. ML: -124)

Pick: Lean BAL


PHI (-128) at MIA (110)

Pitchers: R. Suarez (ERA: 1.74 – Road ERA: 2.21 – Avg. ML: -133) vs. S. Alcantara (ERA: 3.08 – Home ERA: 2.18 – Avg. ML: 110)

Pick: Lean PHI


NYM (152) at ATL (-180)

Pitchers: T. Megill (ERA: 4.89 – Road ERA: 4.97 – Avg. ML: -109) vs. H. Ynoa (ERA: 4.13 – Home ERA: 2.64 – Avg. ML: -129)

Pick: Lean NYM


MIN (-125) at KC (105)

Pitchers: J. Gant (ERA: 4.08 – Road ERA: 3.84 – Avg. ML: 125) vs. J. Heasley (ERA: 0 – Home ERA: 0 – Avg. ML: 112)

Pick: Lean MIN


DET (227) at CWS (-254)

Pitchers: W. Peralta (ERA: 3.21 – Road ERA: 3.79 – Avg. ML: 147) vs. L. Lynn (ERA: 2.74 – Home ERA: 2.7 – Avg. ML: -141)

Pick: Lean CWS


OAK (136) at HOU (-162)

Pitchers: S. Manaea (ERA: 3.99 – Road ERA: 4.05 – Avg. ML: -114) vs. F. Valdez (ERA: 3.03 – Home ERA: 3.15 – Avg. ML: -144)

Pick: Lean HOU


CHC (175) at STL (-213)

Pitchers: Z. Davies (ERA: 5.95 – Road ERA: 5.02 – Avg. ML: 120) vs. D. Hudson (ERA: 0 – Home ERA: 0 – Avg. ML: 0)

Pick: Lean STL


COL (-112) at ARI (-104)

Pitchers: J. Gray (ERA: 4.9 – Road ERA: 4.67 – Avg. ML: 134) vs. H. Castellanos (ERA: 4.93 – Home ERA: 4.68 – Avg. ML: 168)

Pick: Lean ARI


MIL (190) at LAD (-209)

Pitchers: E. Lauer (ERA: 2.62 – Road ERA: 2.65 – Avg. ML: -117) vs. C. Kershaw (ERA: 3.41 – Home ERA: 2.75 – Avg. ML: -172)

Pick: Lean LAD


LAA (149) at SEA (-162)

Pitchers: J. Suarez (ERA: 4.69 – Road ERA: 4.02 – Avg. ML: 123) vs. M. Gonzales (ERA: 3.89 – Home ERA: 4.03 – Avg. ML: 107)

Pick: Lean SEA

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