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Max’s Sports Bet Picks for 10/3/22

Sports Bet Picks for 10/3/22

Max’s Week 4 Touchdown

Point 1: The Detroit Defense Really Fucking Sucks

I mean, Jesus is it bad.

You let Geno Smith throw for 320 yards and 2 TDs and the Seahawks score 48 points.

Fucking shit.

That said, their offense is really fucking good.

Jared Goff threw for 378 yards, 4 TDs with only 1 INT.

He did that without his best weapons too.

If the Lions could just play any fucking defense, this team could compete in the NFC.

Side note, this game also featured DK Metcalf being carted off the field to the locker room so he could drop a Lamar.

After the game he admitted on Twitter that he couldn’t keep his cheeks closed long enough to make the walk back.

So the Lions defense wasn’t the only shit on the field, apparently.

Point 2: I Still Like the Jags

The Jaguars looked like they were going to dispose of the Eagles early in the game.

They went up 14-0 before giving up 29 straight points.

The main issue was the turnovers by Trevor Lawrence.

He had 4 lost fumbles and 1 INT.

Philly won the turnover battle 5-1 and only won the game by 8 points.

Just saying, that if the Jags, really just Lawrence, avoided those turnovers, the Eagles could have gotten their first loss of the year.

Philly is still the team to beat.

But I hope people start respecting Jacksonville a bit more after this one.

Point 3: And then there was one…

Winless team that is.

The Vegas Raiders got their first win of the season by taking down the Broncos 32-23.

The Raiders established the run with Jacobs getting 144 yards and 2 TDs on the ground.

Their defense still look laughable at times.

But Russ couldn’t always exploit it because his offensive line decided they liked holding on to black and silver jerseys all night.

So the only winless team is the 0-3-1 Texans.

Houston was getting demolished by the Chargers before storming back in the second half.

They still ended up losing by 10 as Justin Herbert looked much healthier this week than last week.

Point 4: Broken Axel

Already dealing with an injury to starter Mac Jones, the Pats found themselves turning to a rookie QB after Axel Brian Hoyer was ruled out of the game.

Bailey Zappe held his own – throwing a TD – albeit a few seconds after the play clock – and going 10 for 15 for 99 yards.

The Patriots almost beat the Packers – pushing the game to OT before losing to a Mason Crosby field goal as time expired in the extra session.

Rodgers had a decent game – but the bright side is he was able to connect with 7 different receivers including 116 to Lazard, 47 to Doubs, and 42 to Cobb.

Still, when you are favored by 9.5 at home and it takes OT and a game winning field goal to win, then maybe your team has bigger problems than your 3-1 record indicates.

Point 5: Dak Who?

The Cowboys have won 3 in a row with Cooper Rush leading the way.

The hypothetical question of him replacing Dak could be a reality.

Seriously, you could imagine a team like Houston would give up some of their Cleveland bounty to replace Watson with a poor mans version of Watson.

Maybe Dallas can convince Bill O’Brien to rejoin the Texans and then take on Zeke’s salary too.

Rush outplayed Carson Wentz as the Cowboys beat Washington 25-10.

Wentz threw for only 170 yards with 1 TD and 2 INTs.

Rush tossed 2 TDs with no INTs and 223 yards – while throwing 15 less attempts than Wentz.

The Cowboys won’t let the Eagles run away with the East and the Football Club is wishing they could have pulled off that Jimmy G. trade instead.

Point 6: Harbaugh Does it Again

With the game tied and a chance to send the Bills to their 2nd straight loss, John Harbaugh dug deep into his playbook from last season and instead of going for a field goal, he went for a TD on 4th down.

Now I don’t take issue with going for the jugular.

I take issue with the play that was called and also take issue with Lamar throwing an interception to give the Bills better field position than a turnover on downs.

Sooner or later these types of losses will haunt you.

Extra Point: A League of Parody

Thirteen teams are 2-2 at the moment. If the Niners win tomorrow, that will increase to 15.

That would be 47% of the league at .500 through 4 games.

Now there are clearly lesser teams in the league.

But through the first month, this divide of the lesser teams does not seem to be as stark.

The Giants are 3-1, the Seahawks are 2-2, the Jets are 2-2, the Bears are 2-2 and the Falcons are 2-2.

These teams were supposed to be competing for the first pick in the draft next year and have better records than teams like the Patriots, Steelers, Colts, Raiders and Saints.

Maybe preseason should matter a bit more.

And that’s Max’s week 4 touchdown.


NFL Week 4 Monday Night Football Bets

LA Rams (1.5) vs. San Francisco (-1.5)

Spread: Lean San Francisco

Total: Lean Under 42.5

Predicted Score: LA Rams 16 – San Francisco 19 (35)

Notes: The 49ers have consistently had the Rams’ number over the years.

Swap in Stafford for Goff last year and San Francisco still took both regular season games.

But the Rams won the game that mattered most last season.

They beat the Niners – mostly because of a dropped interception from the San Francisco secondary – that should have closed things out.

You can also add in the once-a-game Jimmy G. mistake and there you have it, Super Bowl bound Rams.

This season both teams look … off.

The Rams kicked off the NFL season with a no-show against the Bills.

Then they beat the hell out of Atlanta only to fall asleep at the wheel and let the Falcons back into the game.

They had a decent enough win over the Cardinals last week.

But that’s not looking like a tall order this season.

For the Niners, they started the season off in a shitty rainstorm with a first season QB.

Trey Lance didn’t last long into the season with an injury that allowed Jimmy G. back onto the field.

Jimmy got them a win against Seattle but then the offense sputtered last week in Denver.

Which leads us here.

Two teams that both need to win.

But only one can win.

Or, you know, tie.

And I do think San Francisco finds a way to win and cover.

I just can’t bet against my team.

So a lean on the Niners.


MLB Bets

CHC (108) at CIN (-126)

Pick: Bet $10 CHC

Notes: Well, I said last week when I bet on the Reds that they would probably win one of these six games against the Cubs.

Through the first 3, I was wrong.

Chicago is now riding a 7-game winning streak and the Reds a 6-game losing streak.

Hunter Green will get the start for the Reds today.

And he knows a thing about losing.

Greene has a 4-13 record on the season.

But he’s pitched better lately.

Hayden Wesneski has been pretty great since joining the major league staff.

The former Yankee prospect has given the Cubs some hope of a future ace.

And I like him here today to continue their win streak and continue the Reds’ losing streak.

$10 bet on the Cubs.


TOR (-136) at BAL (116)

Pick: Bet $10 BAL

Notes: The Orioles had a good season but fell short of a playoff spot.

Still, they have some optimism for the future.

The problem is that they play in the AL East.

So they need to deal with the Yankees and Red Sox payroll and the young talent of the Rays and Blue Jays.

So maybe they should move to the AL Central so they can make the playoffs.

Anyway, I think they win today at least.

Jose Berrios’ nightmare of a season continues to get worse.

Dean Kremer, on the other hand, has had a pretty damn good season and I think he’s got the edge today.

So home team, with a plus line and the more dependable pitcher.

$10 bet on the Orioles.



KC (154) at CLE (-184)

Pick: Lean KC


STL (-165) at PIT (140)

Pick: Lean STL


ATL (-150) at MIA (130)

Pick: Lean ATL


NYY (-154) at TEX (130)

Pick: Lean NYY


TB (-136) at BOS (116)

Pick: Lean TB


WSH (250) at NYM (-310)

Pick: Lean WSH


ARI (190) at MIL (-230)

Pick: Lean ARI


PHI (110) at HOU (-130)

Pick: Lean HOU


MIN (108) at CWS (-126)

Pick: Lean MIN


SF (215) at SD (-260)

Pick: Lean SF


LAA (-180) at OAK (152)

Pick: Lean LAA


DET (200) at SEA (-245)

Pick: Lean SEA


COL (290) at LAD (-360)

Pick: Lean COL

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