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Your favorite Degens give you their Sports Bet Picks for 10/30/21. Listen to the Degen’s MLB futures episode or their mulligan after the All Star break.

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Max’s Sports Bet Picks for 10/30/21

NFL Week 8

Sports Bet Picks for 10/30/21


Pittsburgh (3.5) vs. Cleveland (-3.5)

Spread: Bet $50 Cleveland

Total: Lean Under 42.5

Predicted Score: Pittsburgh 17 – Cleveland 25 (42)

Notes: The Steelers are coming off a bye week and head to Cleveland for a divisional game that is pretty critical to their playoff hopes. Dropping to 3-4 in the AFC North could be a major issue considering how well the Bengals have played this year.

For the Browns, it’s about getting healthy. They got a big Thursday night football win in week 7 without Baker, Chubb and Hunt in the lineup. Baker is back and so is Chubb so it should give them a good chance of beating the Steelers this week.

Both teams have a solid defense but let’s focus on the rushing game of both teams. The Browns are #1 in the league and Pittsburgh is 29th. The Browns should be able to control the time of possession in this one and move the ball better than the Steelers.

Divisional games are close so I hate the hook in this one. But I’ll jump on Cleveland anyway. $50 bet on the Browns.


Miami (14) vs. Buffalo (-14)

Spread: Bet $50 Buffalo

Total: Lean Over 49

Predicted Score: Miami 16 – Buffalo 36 (52)

Notes: The Dolphins kinda, sorta made a deal for DeShuan Watson. Which must have been a mindfuck to their second-year QB. Tua will need to try to shake that off as he leads the lackluster Miami offense against a pretty solid Bills’ defense.

Buffalo is #1 in opponents yards allowed per game and #1 in opponents points per game. The Dolphins are 28th in yards per game and 29th in points per game. This certainly looks like a one-sided game and my numbers say yeah, yeah, it is.

14 is a lot. Well, week 7 showed me that 14 against a dreadful team is doable. I have the Bills winning by 20 here. So 14 does not scare me.

$50 bet on the Bills.


Philadelphia (-3.5) vs. Detroit (3.5)

Spread: Bet $50 Detroit

Total: Lean Under 48.5

Predicted Score: Philadelphia 23 – Detroit 21 (44)

Notes: If you download and listen to every single episode, you would know that I said this is a winnable game for the Lions. Will I moneyline them? No. Fuck that.

Will I take them with the points? Yeah, I think I will.

The Eagles had that competitive game on a Thursday night against the Bucs but then turned around with a dud against the Raiders last week. Other than their week 1 win, they have not looked very good. That includes their narrow win over a struggling Panthers team.

The Lions held their own with the Rams last week. On the road. And now they are home and looking to avoid a winless season by securing their first win of the year. To get there, they need to run the ball.

The Eagles allow 133 rushing yards per game. That ranks 29th in the league. If Dan Campbell gameplans right and takes pressure off Goff-bot, Detroit could win.

But again, I’ll take the points. $50 bet on the Lions.


New England (4.5) vs. LA Chargers (-4.5)

Spread: Bet $50 New England

Total: Lean Over 49.5

Predicted Score: New England 26 – LA Chargers 25 (51)

Notes: We covered this one a bit on the Fantasy Episode and my thoughts were that the Patriots have a chance here if they exploit the Chargers’ run defense and then have Mac Jones just do enough. The Chargers have a good pass rush and defend the pass well – so Mac cannot do anything too risky.

And that’s how Bill and McDaniels have played him this season – though each week they add a little more responsibility to him.

Both teams had a bye week last week. The Chargers had a literal one and the Patriots played the fucking Jets – which, is essentially a bye. The Chargers look to recover from a bad loss to the Ravens and also try to stay in control of the AFC West – fending off against a Chucky-less Raiders team.

I just don’t think it’ll be easy for them. I like the Patriots to keep it close and maybe sneak out a close win.

$50 bet on New England.



LA Rams (-15) vs. Houston (15)

Spread: Lean LA Rams

Total: Lean Over 46

Predicted Score: LA Rams 32 – Houston 15 (47)


Carolina (3) vs. Atlanta (-3)

Spread: Lean Carolina

Total: Lean Under 47

Predicted Score: Carolina 21 – Atlanta 21 (42)


Cincinnati (-10.5) vs. NY Jets (10.5)

Spread: Lean Cincinnati

Total: Lean Over 43

Predicted Score: Cincinnati 30 – NY Jets 14 (44)


Tennessee (2.5) vs. Indianapolis (-2.5)

Spread: Lean Tennessee

Total: Lean Under 51

Predicted Score: Tennessee 26 – Indianapolis 22 (48)


San Francisco (-3.5) vs. Chicago (3.5)

Spread: Lean San Francisco

Total: Lean Under 39.5

Predicted Score: San Francisco 23 – Chicago 14 (37)


Jacksonville (3.5) vs. Seattle (-3.5)

Spread: Lean Jacksonville

Total: Lean Over 45

Predicted Score: Jacksonville 23 – Seattle 25 (48)


Tampa Bay (-4.5) vs. New Orleans (4.5)

Spread: Lean Tampa Bay

Total: Lean Over 48.5

Predicted Score: Tampa Bay 33 – New Orleans 22 (55)


Washington (3) vs. Denver (-3)

Spread: Lean Washington

Total: Lean Under 45

Predicted Score: Washington 20 – Denver 21 (41)


Dallas (3) vs. Minnesota (-3)

Spread: Lean Dallas

Total: Lean Over 52

Predicted Score: Dallas 33 – Minnesota 23 (56)



Sports Bet Picks for 10/30/21

HOU (-105) at ATL (-115)

Pitchers: Z. Greinke (ERA: 4.23 – Road ERA: 3.65 – Avg. ML: -142) vs. Undecided (ERA: 0 – Home ERA: 0 – Avg. ML: 0)

Pick: Lean HOU



Sports Bet Picks for 10/30/21


OKC (12.5) at GSW (-12.5)

Pick: Bet $10 GSW

Total: 220 (Lean Over – 224)

Predicted Score: OKC 104 – GSW 120


DEN (2.5) at MIN (-2.5)

Pick: Bet $10 DEN

Total: 221.5 (Lean Under – 216)

Predicted Score: DEN 109 – MIN 107



BOS (2) at WAS (-2)

Pick: Lean WAS

Total: 225 (Lean Over – 229)

Predicted Score: BOS 112 – WAS 117


NYK (-5.5) at NOP (5.5)

Pick: Lean NOP

Total: 215 (Lean Under – 212)

Predicted Score: NYK 107 – NOP 105


ORL (5) at DET (-5)

Pick: Lean ORL

Total: 207 (Lean Over – 211)

Predicted Score: ORL 104 – DET 107


ATL (3.5) at PHI (-3.5)

Pick: Lean PHI

Total: 218.5 (Lean Over – 222)

Predicted Score: ATL 109 – PHI 113


TOR (3.5) at IND (-3.5)

Pick: Lean TOR

Total: 215.5 (Lean Over – 228)

Predicted Score: TOR 113 – IND 115


MIA (2) at MEM (-2)

Pick: Lean MIA

Total: 217.5 (Lean Over – 226)

Predicted Score: MIA 113 – MEM 113


UTA (-4.5) at CHI (4.5)

Pick: Lean CHI

Total: 217.5 (Lean Under – 215)

Predicted Score: UTA 109 – CHI 106


SAS (6.5) at MIL (-6.5)

Pick: Lean SAS

Total: 224.5 (Lean Over – 231)

Predicted Score: SAS 113 – MIL 118


CLE (9.5) at PHX (-9.5)

Pick: Lean CLE

Total: 216 (Lean Under – 216)

Predicted Score: CLE 106 – PHX 110



Sports Bet Picks for 10/30/21


New York Islanders (-116) at Nashville Predators (105)

Pick: Bet $10 New York Islanders


Edmonton Oilers (-140) at Vancouver Canucks (127)

Pick: Bet $10 Edmonton



New Jersey Devils (120) at Pittsburgh Penguins (-140)

Pick: Lean Pittsburgh


Montreal Canadiens (-103) at Los Angeles Kings (-107)

Pick: Lean Los Angeles


Winnipeg Jets (-107) at San Jose Sharks (-103)

Pick: Lean San Jose


Florida Panthers (110) at Boston Bruins (-130)

Pick: Lean Boston


Detroit Red Wings (215) at Toronto Maple Leafs (-265)

Pick: Lean Toronto


Chicago Blackhawks (160) at St. Louis Blues (-180)

Pick: Lean Chicago


Minnesota Wild (143) at Colorado Avalanche (-159)

Pick: Lean Colorado


Philadelphia Flyers (133) at Calgary Flames (-147)

Pick: Lean Calgary

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