Degen Show (10/4/21)

Your favorite Degens give you their Sports Bet Picks for 10/4/21. Listen to the Degen’s MLB futures episode or their mulligan after the All Star break.

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Max’s Sports Bet Picks for 10/4/21

Max’s Week 4 Touchdown

Sports Bet Picks for 10/4/21

Point #1: New York for the Win

Which New York team got the win on Sunday? Well if you answered the Mets, you’d be wrong. But if you guessed any other New York team that played yesterday – you would be correct. The Yankees got the final Wild Card spot in the AL with a clutch win over the Rays. The Bills beat the Texans 40-0. And both the Jets and the Giants pulled out OT wins to secure their first wins of the season.

Each team’s young QB showed up yesterday. Daniel Jones threw for 402 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT. And rookie Zach Wilson actually resembled an NFL player – throwing for 297 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT. Now the winless teams in the NFL are down to 2.

Speaking of that…


Point #2: Never Trust the Road Moneyline KOD

That might be a new rule after we all moneylined the fucking Lions, on the road, to beat the Bears. Justin Fields didn’t look like absolute garbage yesterday but he also didn’t look like an NFL-caliber QM. Jared Goff had another strong statistical game – but he could not overcome the Lions’ defense and their inability to stop the run. Even when David Montgomery injured his knee – Damien Williams rushed for 55 yards and a TD.

The Lions are 0-4 and join the Jags as the only winless teams left.


Point #3: The 4-0 Club

Maybe Vegas will join the 4-0 club tonight, but as it stands through Sunday, only the Arizona Cardinals can claim that prize after knocking off the previously undefeated Los Angeles Rams. The game was never really close and now Arizona should be considered a legit contender.

The Cowboys also knocked off an undefeated team as they took down Sam Darnold and the Panthers. Despite 2 INTs, Darnold had a decent day – throwing for 2 TDs and rushing for 2 TDs as well. But Dak tossed 4 TDs himself and Zeke had a vintage performance to push Dallas to the win.

Denver also shit the bed at home against the Ravens. In a game that looked like a trap, it played out as most expected it to – with Lamar Jackson pushing his team to a win. Now, it would have been interesting to see Denver with Bridgewater for the whole game – but instead he was lost to an injury and we were stuck with watching Drew Lock flailing about.


Point #4: Has Ben

The Steelers lost again this week – dropping their record to 1-3. If it were not for a lucky Week 1 win over the Bills, Pittsburgh would be in the conversations as one of the worst teams in the league. In fact, I still think they are right now. Big Ben once again had a subpar game and while the Pittsburgh defense got some pressure on Aaron Rodgers – they could not make the key stops when they needed to.

The Steelers will get the Broncos at home next week – which could stop the bleeding. But with games against the Seahawks and Browns on the horizon, they could be staring at a 2-5 start to a season that had Super Bowl aspirations.


Point #5: No Cooking for Russ

Russell Wilson’s contract pays him about $35 million a year. He’s set to be a Seahawk for 2 more seasons when his contract ends at the age of 35. He threw for 149 yards yesterday with 2 TDs and 0 INTs. He also rushed for a TD and chipped in 26 yards on the ground. I mean, they are good stats. But when a rookie QB goes for 157 with 2 TDs and 0 INTs while rushing for 41 yards, it’s hard to argue that Russ is not being used to the extent he’s being paid.

Now granted, Seattle got the win. And that’s all that matters. But Pete Carroll’s inability to coach Russ properly will be his downfall. Maybe he still has nightmares of the one time he told Russ to throw and it ended up costing him a Super Bowl.

But Seattle goes as far as Russ goes. And right now, that seems rather limited.


Point #6: Doink

That’s the sound of the Bucs avoiding a 2-game losing streak. Bill game-planned well. He kept Brady limited to under 300 yards and no TDs. He let the Bucs run game do its thing just so he could shut down the pass. Josh McDaniels did what he could to have Mac Jones replicate Brady – going 31-40 for 275 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT.

But in the end, doink. A 56-yard kick by Nick Folk that looked good but turned left and bounced right into the goalpost that prevented Bill from beating Tom. Bill was gracious in defeat and Tom humble in victory. Unless he does play until he’s 50, this could be the last game Brady plays in Foxborough. And like many other games he played there previously, he walks out a winner.

Brady has now beaten every team in the NFL. And with this win and Super Bowl ring, he’s totally winning the break-up.


Extra Point: Bourbon Urban

Going 0-4 to start your NFL career does not mean you should bury your head in more footage to understand what has gone wrong. Nah, in fact, you should go out and drink too much Bud Light in your Ohio-based steak house wearing a salmon-colored, Ohio-state sweater and hit on some women half your age.

You might be saying, Max, that’s oddly specific – what are the odds of that exact scenario laying out. And the answer is, probably once. And it happened this past weekend with one Urban Meyer.

Yes, coach Meyer was blowing off a little steam by grinding into the backside of some young blonde woman while his wife was at home getting his kiddos to bed. And now we can have a nice prop bet over at MyBookie (promocode ABSOLUTEDEGEN): which happens first – Meyer gets fired or Meyer gets divorced. Or a third option could be Meyer has a heart attack. If he keeps getting lap dances by ladies like that, it could be the likely scenario.

NFL Week 4 Monday Night Football

Sports Bet Picks for 10/4/21


Las Vegas vs. LA Chargers

Spread: Bet Las Vegas +3

Total: Lean Under 51.5 (49)

Predicted Score: Las Vegas 27 – LA Chargers 22

Notes: Only someone with mental issues would start the NFL season off with 4-straight spread bets on the Vegas Raiders. After being burned by them last week, there is no way that any sane person would back them once again to go on the road keep up with the Chargers.

Except, last time I checked, there were more Raiders fans in LA than Chargers fans. And the 3-0 Raiders have a QB who is not reliant one just one wide receiver – tossing TDs to 6 different receivers and helping 4 receivers to get over 200 yards for the first time in NFL history through 3 games.

There is no denying that Justin Herbert is the real deal. And he has some weapons of his own. But the Chargers will Charger at some point this season. Usually it happens after the midway point, but I could see them letting this one slip away this week too.

$50 bet on the Raiders. I have them winning, but I’ll take the points. As for the total, most people expect the over but I am shading the under here.

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