Degen Show (11/20/21)

Your favorite Degens give you their Sports Bet Picks for 11/20/21. Listen to the Degen’s NBA totals show, NHL win totals episode, or NFL win totals one too.

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Max’s Sports Bet Picks for 11/20/21


Sports Bet Picks for 11/20/21

Baltimore (-6) vs. Chicago (6)

Spread: Bet $0 Baltimore

Total: Lean Under

Predicted Score: Baltimore 26 – Chicago 15 (41)

Notes: Baltimore has been a team that I have not been in love with this season. But considering that no one team has stood up to be the alpha in this league, I’m going to give them a little bit more credit.

They are a good team. They have flaws, sure, and that last stinker against Miami might have given the league a blueprint to frustrate Lamar Jackson. And Chicago has the defensive personnel to do that.

The Bears are coming off a bye and before that they lost a close one to the Steelers. It was their 4th loss in a row. The silver lining was that Justin Fields finally had a productive game and had an impressive couple of running plays that looked quite like his opposing QB this week.

But ultimately the Ravens are the better team here. And I trust Lamar more than I do Fields at this point to avoid throwing critical errors that can cost the game.

$50 bet on the Ravens.


Houston (10) vs. Tennessee (-10)

Spread: Bet $50 Tennessee

Total: Lean Under

Predicted Score: Houston 13 – Tennessee 30 (43)

Notes: The Titans have a chance to go 9-2 on the season. But remember that one of their losses this season was an OT shocker to the Jets. So let’s not cash this betting slip just yet.

Still, it’s hard not to like them this week. And not just because they have won 6 in a row since that aforementioned loss and beat the Bills, Chiefs, Colts, Rams and Saints along the way. It’s also because as bad as the Jets are, the Texans are markedly worse.

Houston has lost 8 in a row after getting their season debut win over the Jaguars. Houston is coming off a bye and heading into that, they only lost by 8 points to the Dolphins. Prior to that, every game except the one against the Colts was a double digit loss.

Houston ranks last in points scored per game and it has gotten worse over the season. They rank 29th in opponent’s points per game, 30th in opponent’s yards per game and 30th in time of possession.

The only issue I see here is that Tennessee might be looking ahead to their big matchup next week against the Patriots. $50 bet on the Titans.


New Orleans (2.5) vs. Philadelphia (-2.5)

Spread: Bet $50 New Orleans

Total: Lean Over

Predicted Score: New Orleans 26 – Philadelphia 25 (51)

Notes: The Eagles can’t lose them all at home, right? Philly is coming off a big win over the Broncos last week. On the road. Because have I mentioned they have not won at home yet this season?

I go back forth on this Philly team. I like them one week and fade them the next. Part of that is because I do like the progression of Jalen Hurts but sometimes their defense takes weeks off. Everything was clicking last week so I expect them to shit the bed this week.

The Saints have lost two games in a row losing to the Falcons by 2 and then the Titans by 2. They have not given up the season with Jameis Winston going down for a season-ending injury and Trevor Siemian has looked pretty good as a replacement.

When you look at Philly’s metrics, there really is no reason they should be a sub .500 team. But until they win at home, I will fade them there. $50 bet on New Orleans.


Indianapolis (7) vs. Buffalo (-7)

Spread: Bet $50 Indianapolis

Total: Lean Over

Predicted Score: Indianapolis 25 – Buffalo 30 (55)

Notes: The Bills lose every other game. They stomped the Jets last week so time for a loss, right? And with Bill and the Patriots creeping up on them in the East, the pressure is on to avoid just that.

And the Colts is a team that I would not want to be facing right now. They have won 4 of 5 games and their lone loss was a 3-point OT loss to the Titans. Now granted, their 4 wins were against the Texans, Niners, Jets and Jags … but still wins nonetheless!

The Colts feature the best running back in the game right now and the Bills rank 3rd in rushing defense. So something will have to give this week.

Ultimately I have the Bills winning this game but the touchdown seems like too much. $50 bet on the Colts.



Miami (-3.5) vs. NY Jets (3.5)

Spread: Lea NY Jets

Total: Lean Under

Predicted Score: Miami 18 – NY Jets 19 (37)


Detroit (12) vs. Cleveland (-12)

Spread: Lean Detroit

Total: Lean Under

Predicted Score: Detroit 16 – Cleveland 24 (40)


Green Bay (-1) vs. Minnesota (1)

Spread: Lean Minnesota

Total: Lean Under

Predicted Score: Green Bay 21 – Minnesota 23 (44)


Washington (3) vs. Carolina (-3)

Spread: Lean Washington

Total: Lean Under

Predicted Score: Washington 19 – Carolina 20 (39)


San Francisco (-6.5) vs. Jacksonville (6.5)

Spread: Lean San Francisco

Total: Lean Under

Predicted Score: San Francisco 26 – Jacksonville 17 (43)


Cincinnati (-1) vs. Las Vegas (1)

Spread: Lean Cincinnati

Total: Lean Over

Predicted Score: Cincinnati 27 – Las Vegas 24 (51)


Arizona (-2) vs. Seattle (2)

Spread: Lean Arizona

Total: Lean Over

Predicted Score: Arizona 33 – Seattle 19 (52)


Dallas (2.5) vs. Kansas City (-2.5)

Spread: Lean Dallas

Total: Lean Under

Predicted Score: Dallas 31 – Kansas City 25 (56)


Pittsburgh (6) vs. LA Chargers (-6)

Spread: Lean Pittsburgh

Total: Lean Under

Predicted Score: Pittsburgh 21 – LA Chargers 23 (44)

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