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Your favorite Degens give you their Sports Bet Picks for 2/16/22. Listen to the Degen’s NBA Totals show, NHL win Totals episode, or NFL win Totals one too.

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Max’s Sports Bet Picks for 2/16/22

Sports Bet Picks for 2/16/22


ATL (-5.5) at ORL (5.5)

Pick: Bet $10 ATL ML

Total: 226.5 (Lean Under – 223)

Predicted Score: ATL 115 – ORL 108

Notes: The Hawks pulled out a good win over the Cavs yesterday and now turn around to head to Orlando to take on a Magic team that has lost 3 of their last 4 games.

The Magic are 5-20 at home this season and have only two division wins this season.

One of those division wins was over the Hawks last time they met.

But I don’t think they win another. Atlanta might be a little tired playing in a back-to-back but they should have enough in the tank to take down Orlando today.

$10 moneyline bet on the Hawks.


UTA (-4.5) at LAL (4.5)

Pick: Bet $10 UTA ML

Total: 227 (Lean Under – 220)

Predicted Score: UTA 115 – LAL 105

Notes: Utah has won 6 games in a row. They welcomed back Rudy Gobert in their last win – a 34-point blowout over the Rockets.

Now the Lakers aren’t as bad as the Rockets are. They aren’t anywhere as good as the Jazz – but definitely not Rockets bad.

You kind of expect them to get things right. LeBron appears to be healthy. Anthony Davis appears to be healthy. Westbrook only had 1 turnover in his last game. And they had a close loss to the Warriors.

That’s almost like a win. I mean, its totally not a win. In fact, it’s literally the opposite of that.

But morally, it’s kind of like a win.

After being destroyed by the Bucks, the Lakers have lost a pair of close losses. So maybe they are on the cusp of getting things right and getting a win.

I just don’t think it’ll be tonight.

$10 moneyline bet on the Jazz.



WAS (1) at IND (-1)

Pick: Lean WAS

Total: 224 (Lean Under – 223)

Predicted Score: WAS 112 – IND 111


DET (12.5) at BOS (-12.5)

Pick: Lean BOS

Total: 214 (Lean Under – 212)

Predicted Score: DET 98 – BOS 114


BKN (4.5) at NYK (-4.5)

Pick: Lean BKN

Total: 217.5 (Lean Over – 229)

Predicted Score: BKN 114 – NYK 115


TOR (1) at MIN (-1)

Pick: Lean MIN

Total: 230.5 (Lean Over – 234)

Predicted Score: TOR 116 – MIN 118


SAC (6) at CHI (-6)

Pick: Lean SAC

Total: 234 (Lean Under – 230)

Predicted Score: SAC 113 – CHI 117


POR (12) at MEM (-12)

Pick: Lean POR

Total: 227.5 (Lean Under – 227)

Predicted Score: POR 108 – MEM 119


SAS (-6.5) at OKC (6.5)

Pick: Lean OKC

Total: 218.5 (Lean Over – 221)

Predicted Score: SAS 113 – OKC 108


HOU (15.5) at PHX (-15.5)

Pick: Lean PHX

Total: 234 (Lean Under – 227)

Predicted Score: HOU 105 – PHX 122


DEN (5) at GSW (-5)

Pick: Lean DEN

Total: 224.5 (Lean Over – 227)

Predicted Score: DEN 113 – GSW 114



Florida Panthers (100) at Carolina Hurricanes (-120)

Pick: Bet $10 Florida

Notes: Great matchup here. The Panthers haven’t played in a couple of weeks. Yesterday I went 1-1 on my bets against rusty teams. So let’s see where I fall on this one.

The Hurricanes have not played well the past two weeks. They are 1-3 with their only win over the Bruins a week ago.

Those were all road games and now they return home where they are 16-4-1 this season.

The Panthers have won the two previous matchups this season. The last one was a great OT win last month.

Both teams find themselves looking up at another team in their respective divisions. A win today for the Panthers would get them slightly ahead of the Lightning.

And that’s what I expect to happen.

$10 bet on the Panthers.


Colorado Avalanche (-120) at Vegas Golden Knights (-120)

Pick: Bet $10 Colorado

Notes: Colorado is coming off a loss in Dallas yesterday and have to turn right around and head to Vegas to take on a Golden Knights team that has returned home after a short road trip in Canada.

Vegas’ last game was an embarrassing loss to the Flames. It was a loss that dropped the Golden Knights behind Calgary in the standings in the Pacific Division.

The Avalanche have a big lead over the Wild in the Central Division. Colorado has been putting up a ton of goals the past few months. It will be interesting to see if they can sustain that.

The Avalanche have one of the highest luck factors in the league and based on their expected goals for, they have been sinking some shots that normally wouldn’t go in.

They are middle of the pack when it comes to high danger shots while Vegas ranks second.

Still, it’s hard to ignore the fact that this team overwhelms defenses with a high volume of shots. The Avalanche have put up 1664 shots on goal this season – good for 4th best in the league.

And Vegas’ goalies don’t really do well against a high volume of shots on goal.

Which makes this an Avalanche play for me.

$10 bet on Colorado.


Team Action Implied Probabilty Max’s Expected Probability
Minnesota Wild Lean Minnesota 59.18 55.22
Winnipeg Jets 44.44 44.50
Florida Panthers Bet $10 Florida 50.00 52.71
Carolina Hurricanes 54.55 47.21
Anaheim Ducks Lean Calgary 38.46 35.03
Calgary Flames 64.91 63.02
Colorado Avalanche Bet $10 Colorado 54.55 56.28
Vegas Golden Knights 54.55 43.30



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