Degen Show (2/8/22)

Your favorite Degens give you their Sports Bet Picks for 2/8/22. Listen to the Degen’s NBA Totals show, NHL win Totals episode, or NFL win Totals one too.

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Max’s Sports Bet Picks for 2/8/22


Sports Bet Picks for 2/8/22

BOS (-5.5) at BKN (5.5)

Pick: Bet $10 BOS ML

Total: 216.5 (Lean Under – 212)

Predicted Score: BOS 112 – BKN 100

Notes: Time to rip the band aid off. Boston has won 5 in a row and now sit a few percentage points behind Brooklyn in the standings.

The Celtics have been playing some extremely good defense as of late and that’s been a huge difference maker in this team winning consistently.

Brooklyn is going through all sorts of stuff right now. Durant is out for at least a few more weeks. James Harden is questionable. And I mean that in more than just an injury status.

And it’s a home game. So Kyrie won’t be playing today.

The Celtics have benefited from a lighter schedule the past few weeks so I am not ready to say this team has flipped a switch. But they are winning games they had been losing a month or so ago.

$10 moneyline bet on Boston.


NYK (7.5) at DEN (-7.5)

Pick: Bet $10 DEN ML

Total: 217.5 (Lean Over – 224)

Predicted Score: NYK 108 – DEN 116

Notes: Derek Rose has won the league MVP before. Based on how the Knicks played with him last year and how they have played this year without him, I would say he should be nominated for MVP once again.

New York has lost 3 in a row and 4 of their last 5. They sit at the bottom of the Atlantic Division – taking their throne back after a year of getting Knicks’ fans’ hopes up.

Now Denver is not the model of consistency themselves. Their win over Brooklyn on Sunday broke a 3-game losing streak and improved their home record to 14-10 on the year.

Denver is only a game up on the T-Wolves in the standings and if you listened to Sunday’s show, you know you should be rooting for Minnesota to only get in the play-in game so Maxy can hit his bet.

Or, you know, root for Minnesota to get into the playoffs so Maxy loses his bet or even better, root for them to fade so he loses the bet and his home team fails.

As for his current home team, they need to win the winnable games in order to stay ahead of teams like Minnesota. This is a winnable game for sure.

$10 moneyline bet on the Nuggets.


ORL (3.5) at POR (-3.5)

Pick: Bet $10 ORL ML

Total: 224.5 (Lean Over – 227)

Predicted Score: ORL 115 – POR 112

Notes: Orlando has 12 wins on the year. Seven of those wins have been on the road. So I guess you can say that they’ve had more success on the road this year than at home.

Their last two games were at home and ended in losses. Their last win was a road win over the Pacers.

See, the stars are aligning for the Magic to win today!

Especially since their opponent happens to be a Portland team that is on a 5-game losing streak and have started trading assets.

Will CJ McCollum be the next chip to be dealt? With Damian Lillard out for at least another 2 months, it could be time for the Blazers to reboot and see what they can get for a complementary player like McCollum.

I know it’s a risk betting on the Magic to win a game. But they value is on them today for sure.

$10 moneyline bet on the Magic.



PHX (1.5) at PHI (-1.5)

Pick: Lean PHX

Total: 217 (Lean Over – 218)

Predicted Score: PHX 109 – PHI 109


IND (9.5) at ATL (-9.5)

Pick: Lean IND

Total: 226.5 (Lean Under – 224)

Predicted Score: IND 108 – ATL 116


LAC (8.5) at MEM (-8.5)

Pick: Lean LAC

Total: 228 (Lean Under – 225)

Predicted Score: LAC 110 – MEM 115


HOU (8) at NOP (-8)

Pick: Lean HOU

Total: 227.5 (Lean Under – 223)

Predicted Score: HOU 108 – NOP 115


DET (11.5) at DAL (-11.5)

Pick: Lean DET

Total: 213.5 (Lean Over – 221)

Predicted Score: DET 106 – DAL 115


MIN (-3.5) at SAC (3.5)

Pick: Lean SAC

Total: 233 (Lean Under – 227)

Predicted Score: MIN 114 – SAC 113


MIL (-4.5) at LAL (4.5)

Pick: Lean LAL

Total: 231 (Lean Under – 225)

Predicted Score: MIL 114 – LAL 111



Sports Bet Picks for 2/8/22

New Jersey Devils (105) at Montreal Canadiens (-125)

Pick: Bet $10 New Jersey

Notes: Well, I bet on the Devils yesterday against a shitty team and I lost. Time for me to try again.

This season, there are fewer teams shittier than the former team of destiny. Montreal is 5-13-1 at home this year and 8-29-7 on the season. They have lost 6 in a row and 9 of their last 10 games.

Not to say the Devils are doing much better. But at least enough to grab a win today.

One of these teams will break their losing streaks today. I am banking on it being the Devils.

$10 bet on New Jersey.


Vegas Golden Knights (-109) at Edmonton Oilers (-105)

Pick: Bet $10 Vegas

Notes: Edmonton seemingly has bounced back from their slump. They have won 4 of their last 5 games. Their lone loss was a close one to the Senators a week ago.

Vegas survived their gauntlet of great teams and entered the All Star break by beating up on the Sabres.

These two teams have not played each other since November. Edmonton has won both of the games they have played this season but again, that was a different Oilers team.

Early season Edmonton was one of the best in the game. Maybe their recent success will get them back into the playoff hunt but I can’t say they are as good as they were a few months ago.

Vegas needs to eye up some goaltending help if they plan to make a big run this year. Ironically, its Edmonton that has been sniffing around a possible trade for former Vegas goalie Marc Andre-Fleury.

Despite some subpar goaltending, I still like Vegas to grab a win today.

$10 bet on the Golden Knights.



Columbus Blue Jackets (215) at Washington Capitals (-255)

Pick: Lean Washington


Pittsburgh Penguins (110) at Boston Bruins (-130)

Pick: Lean Boston


Carolina Hurricanes (-265) at Ottawa Senators (225)

Pick: Lean Carolina


Minnesota Wild (-145) at Winnipeg Jets (125)

Pick: Lean Minnesota


Arizona Coyotes (205) at Vancouver Canucks (-240)

Pick: Lean Vancouver

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