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Your favorite Degens give you their Sports Bet Picks for 3/16/22. Listen to the Degen’s NBA Totals show, NHL win Totals episode, or NFL win Totals one too.

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Max’s Sports Bet Picks for 3/16/22

Sports Bet Picks for 3/16/22



DAL (-1.5) at BKN (1.5)

Pick: Bet $10 DAL ML

Total: 220.5 (Lean Under – 217)

Predicted Score: DAL 108 – BKN 109

Notes: Kyrie dropped 60 points yesterday in a Brooklyn win. But he’s not going to score any points today since it’s a home game for the Nets.

Luka and the Mavs are coming to town. Fresh off a big win over the Celtics, the Mavs have won 4 of their last 5 games.

Spencer Dinwiddie continues to make a difference – adding some offense while also playing some very good defense.

But it’s the Luka show for sure. Over his last 10 games, he’s averaging 32.7 points, 10.6 rebounds and 6.7 assists per game.

The Nets have won 4 games in a row but three of those had Kyrie on the floor.

Durant can do a lot for sure but I think without Kyrie there, the Mavs have the edge.

$10 moneyline bet on Dallas.


CHI (6) at UTA (-6)

Pick: Bet $10 UTA ML

Total: 225.5 (Lean Over – 228)

Predicted Score: CHI 111 – UTA 117

Notes: I bet on the Jazz in their last game and that didn’t go so well. I have this misconception that this team is unbeatable at home and its just not the case this season.

At 24-11, they already have 6 more home losses than they had all last season.

So maybe I am still being naïve here and looking at them today to hold homecourt despite the competition.

We know that the Bulls at full strength can play at a very good level.

The problem is that they aren’t healthy. Lonzo Ball is still out and Zach Lavine is playing with a bum knee.

He went out on Monday and put up 27 points. But the Bulls still lost.

They are 4-6 over their last 10. That loss to the Kings dropped them to 16-17 on the road this year.

I think that’s 16-18 after today.

$10 moneyline bet on the Jazz.


TOR (-1.5) at LAC (1.5)

Pick: Bet $10 TOR ML

Total: 218 (Lean Over – 221)

Predicted Score: TOR 112 – LAC 109

Notes: The Raptors have won 4 games in a row and look to close out their road trip with another win today.

The Raptors head home after this one to host the Lakers. And then hit the road again for a pair of games on Sunday and Monday.

The NBA schedule-makers must have it out for Canada. Good on him.

The Clippers are returning home after a road trip of their own.

This is a team without a star player and their inconsistent play is indicative of a team that is duct taping things together.

And it looks like that will be the rest of the season for them.

Sadly with the West the way it is, they should still make the play-in games.

But I think get another loss today.

$10 moneyline bet on the Raptors.



ATL (2) at CHA (-2)

Pick: Lean ATL

Total: 237.5 (Lean Under – 233)

Predicted Score: ATL 116 – CHA 117


PHI (-4.5) at CLE (4.5)

Pick: Lean CLE

Total: 218 (Lean Under – 217)

Predicted Score: PHI 108 – CLE 109


DEN (-6) at WAS (6)

Pick: Lean WAS

Total: 228.5 (Lean Over – 230)

Predicted Score: DEN 116 – WAS 114


POR (11) at NYK (-11)

Pick: Lean NYK

Total: 224.5 (Lean Under – 223)

Predicted Score: POR 104 – NYK 119


PHX (-11) at HOU (11)

Pick: Lean HOU

Total: 235.5 (Lean Under – 231)

Predicted Score: PHX 119 – HOU 112


LAL (9) at MIN (-9)

Pick: Lean MIN

Total: 238.5 (Lean Over – 239)

Predicted Score: LAL 111 – MIN 128


OKC (13.5) at SAS (-13.5)

Pick: Lean OKC

Total: 233.5 (Lean Over – 234)

Predicted Score: OKC 115 – SAS 119


BOS (3) at GSW (-3)

Pick: Lean BOS

Total: 221.5 (Lean Over – 223)

Predicted Score: BOS 112 – GSW 111


MIL (-8.5) at SAC (8.5)

Pick: Lean SAC

Total: 239 (Lean Under – 232)

Predicted Score: MIL 119 – SAC 113



Boston Bruins (100) at Minnesota Wild (-120)

Pick: Bet $10 Boston

Notes: I hit on the Bruins yesterday but damn they made me sweat. It was their 3rd win in a row and 10th win in 12 games.

The Wild have not been as good as of late.

They have lost 3 of their last 5 including a home loss to the Predators 3 days ago.

The Wild have a very good home record this year but are only 1-4 over their last 5 home games.

I think they are vulnerable today against a healthy Bruins team that is playing some really good hockey.

$10 bet on Boston.



Columbus Blue Jackets (115) at Ottawa Senators (-135)

Pick: Lean Ottawa


Tampa Bay Lightning (-310) at Seattle Kraken (245)

Pick: Lean Tampa


New Jersey Devils (255) at Calgary Flames (-320)

Pick: Lean Calgary

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