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Max’s Sports Bet Picks for 6/24/22

Sports Bet Picks for 6/24/22



Tampa Bay Lightning (146) at Colorado Avalanche (-176)

Pick: Bet $10 Colorado

Notes: After a little bit of stupid controversy to end game 4, the Avalanche look to be gentlemen tonight and knock the Lightning out of the playoffs.

Colorado has not been its best version so far this series.

Which is scary since they lead 3-1 and have a chance to hoist the cup at home tonight.

And I think that’s what will happen.

The Avalanche’s offense is just too much.

And if it becomes a slugfest, the Lightning cannot match-up.

A lot of people will look to game 3 as a data point that say they can but that was an anomaly.

I’m not saying the Lightning won’t have a chance here.

But on the road the odds decrease significantly and pushes me to bet the Avalanche.

$10 bet on Colorado.



HOU (108) at NYY (-126)

Pick: Bet $10 NYY

Notes: Justin Verlander considered joining his former teammate Gerritt Cole in pinstripes.

But he opted to stay in Houston and thank god for the league he did.

The Yankees’ pitching staff is already damn good.

Adding another potential Cy Young winner to that staff could have pushed them to 130 wins this season.

He will face off against Luis Severino today.

Severino has been very good this year but is coming off his worst start of the season.

This is a winnable game for Houston because of Verlander but that has dropped the odds enough for me to favor the best team in baseball today.

$10 bet on the Yankees.


LAD (-132) at ATL (112)

Pick: Bet $10 LAD

Notes: Ian Anderson bounced back from a bad start and pitched a gem his last go out.

He’ll need to be just as sharp as the Dodgers head to town.

LA is fresh off their sweep of the Reds while Atlanta just took 3 of 4 from San Francisco.

The Braves have struggled with teams above .500 this season but the wins over the Giants could be a sign they are about to turn a corner.

The Dodgers have been complacent at times but do like measuring stick series and this is definitely one.

The Braves stood in the Dodgers’ way last year to win a title so I can see a little extra motivation from LA today to turn off the cruise control.

Urias has pitched well this year but the wins have escaped him.

I think he can temper the Atlanta bats today and maybe grab an elusive win.

$10 bet on LA.


OAK (116) at KC (-136)

Pick: Bet $10 OAK

Notes: Oakland is the worst team in baseball.

But the Royals are pretty awful too.

In fact, the last time Oakland won was a 4-0 win over the Royals.

The A’s are also a better road team than home team and are facing off against a winless Zack Greinke.

The season started promising for Zack but then fell apart.

He’s got an ERA over 5 and has given up a combined 19 runs over his last 4 starts.

Oakland is going to win eventually and this is my shot for them.

$10 bet on the A’s.



NYM (118) at MIA (-138)

Pick: Lean MIA


PIT (184) at TB (-220)

Pick: Lean TB


BOS (-118) at CLE (100)

Pick: Lean BOS


WSH (146) at TEX (-174)

Pick: Lean TEX


COL (134) at MIN (-158)

Pick: Lean MIN


BAL (150) at CWS (-178)

Pick: Lean BAL


TOR (-158) at MIL (134)

Pick: Lean TOR


CHC (136) at STL (-162)

Pick: Lean STL


SEA (142) at LAA (-168)

Pick: Lean LAA


PHI (-134) at SD (114)

Pick: Lean PHI


DET (140) at ARI (-166)

Pick: Lean ARI


CIN (172) at SF (-205)

Pick: Lean SF

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