Degen Show Part (7/27/21)

Your favorite Degens give you their Sports Bet Picks for 7/27/21. Listen to the Degen’s MLB futures episode or their mulligan after the All Star break.

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Max’s Sports Bet Picks for 7/27/21


Sports Bet Picks for 7/27/21


MIA (-122) at BAL (113)

Pitchers: S. Alcantara (ERA: 3.19 – Road ERA: 3.52 – Avg. ML: 106) vs. S. Watkins (ERA: 1.79 – Home ERA: 1.98 – Avg. ML: 182)

Pick: Bet $10 BAL

Notes: Baltimore just swept the Nationals and possibly helped Scherzer to be traded to a contender. Now they host another NL East team whose offense makes the Orioles look like they are trashcan-banging monsters. Spenser Watkins has looked good so far this season as he faces off against a Marlins’ pitcher who I have made some money betting on this season.

But I think its time to fade Alcantara today. Not because of him, just because of the Fish. I understand that it’s the Orioles – who have 16 total home wins this season. But the Fish are bad on the road and recently – their run differential has been dreadful. Where as the Orioles – surprisingly – have a pretty good run differential the past few weeks.

Baltimore. At home. With a plus line. Why not? $10 bet on the O’s.


TOR (-125) at BOS (115)

Pitchers: R. Ray (ERA: 3.01 – Road ERA: 3.19 – Avg. ML: -113) vs. G. Richards (ERA: 5.15 – Home ERA: 6.88 – Avg. ML: 101)

Pick: Bet $10 TOR

Notes: The Red Sox have won 4 of 5 games after beating the Jays yesterday. Toronto has lost 4 of 5 games. Remember that whole “the Blue Jays need to win games” rant I went on during the break? Yeah, well, it didn’t inspire them much.

It’s funny. If you match these two teams up statistically, it seems like Toronto should be better than Boston. Yet the Red Sox find ways to win close games where the Blue Jays don’t.

But today is that day with Robbie Ray on the mound! I think the Blue Jays win one of these games in the series and it is looking like this is the one. $10 bet on Toronto.


STL (-111) at CLE (103)

Pitchers: A. Wainwright (ERA: 3.6 – Road ERA: 5.42 – Avg. ML: -108) vs. C. Quantrill (ERA: 5.28 – Home ERA: 4.27 – Avg. ML: 103)

Pick: Bet $10 STL

Notes: Both of these teams are mediocre teams in the respective mediocre Central division for their leagues. They both suffer from poor offenses and not near elite enough pitching to bail them out – like the Mets can do.

Wainwright is at that ancient age of 39 and is holding his own this year – but being decent is not what St. Louis needs. Cal Quantrill has had some promising starts but he gives up a few too many walks and hits – which is bound to catch up with him at some point.

The Guardians are slightly above .500 at home but they can be beat. I’m hoping St. Louis wins a game in this series and hoping that game is today.

$10 bet on the Cardinals.


OAK (139) at SD (-151)

Pitchers: J. Kaprielian (ERA: 2.7 – Road ERA: 4.16 – Avg. ML: -123) vs. C. Paddack (ERA: 4.8 – Home ERA: 6.07 – Avg. ML: -150)

Pick: Bet $10 SD

Notes: The A’s just lost 3 of 4 games to the mighty Mariners while the Padres managed to split a 4-game series on the road in Miami. San Diego returns home today where they are 33-19. They will put Paddack on the mound today. He’s not been great this year but at least his spin ate hasn’t changed much.

Kaprielian on the other hand has seen the biggest drop in spin rate the past month. Maybe just a coincidence to the foreign substance banning. His road ERA has taken a hit too and maybe the Padres can take advantage of that.

$10 bet on San Diego.



MIL (-132) at PIT (121)

Pitchers: B. Anderson (ERA: 4.78 – Road ERA: 5.84 – Avg. ML: -105) vs. T. Anderson (ERA: 4.43 – Home ERA: 3.25 – Avg. ML: 137)

Pick: Lean MIL


WSH (108) at PHI (-117)

Pitchers: E. Fedde (ERA: 4.97 – Road ERA: 4.84 – Avg. ML: 133) vs. M. Moore (ERA: 6.45 – Home ERA: 8.77 – Avg. ML: 131)

Pick: Lean PHI


ATL () at NYM ()

Pitchers: C. Morton (ERA: 3.64 – Road ERA: 2.68 – Avg. ML: -131) vs. Undecided (ERA: 0 – Home ERA: 0 – Avg. ML: 0)

Pick: TBD


NYY (133) at TB (-145)

Pitchers: J. Montgomery (ERA: 4.22 – Road ERA: 4.95 – Avg. ML: -127) vs. S. McClanahan (ERA: 3.53 – Home ERA: 3.93 – Avg. ML: -121)

Pick: Lean TB


CIN (147) at CHC (-160)

Pitchers: V. Gutierrez (ERA: 4.99 – Road ERA: 3.55 – Avg. ML: 126) vs. A. Alzolay (ERA: 4.67 – Home ERA: 4.43 – Avg. ML: 108)

Pick: Lean CHC


ARI (136) at TEX (-148)

Pitchers: T. Widener (ERA: 4.04 – Road ERA: 2.01 – Avg. ML: 149) vs. D. Dunning (ERA: 4.4 – Home ERA: 2.54 – Avg. ML: 120)

Pick: Lean TEX


DET (178) at MIN (-195)

Pitchers: T. Alexander (ERA: 3.79 – Road ERA: 0 – Avg. ML: 176) vs. K. Maeda (ERA: 4.51 – Home ERA: 2.86 – Avg. ML: -123)

Pick: Lean DET


CWS (-143) at KC (131)

Pitchers: D. Cease (ERA: 4.38 – Road ERA: 6.6 – Avg. ML: -114) vs. B. Keller (ERA: 6.04 – Home ERA: 7.48 – Avg. ML: 127)

Pick: Lean CWS


COL (124) at LAA (-134)

Pitchers: A. Gomber (ERA: 3.78 – Road ERA: 5.14 – Avg. ML: 141) vs. J. Suarez (ERA: 4.19 – Home ERA: 6 – Avg. ML: 110)

Pick: Lean LAA


LAD (-119) at SF (110)

Pitchers: J. Urias (ERA: 3.7 – Road ERA: 3.45 – Avg. ML: -167) vs. L. Webb (ERA: 3.64 – Home ERA: 1.71 – Avg. ML: -103)

Pick: Lean SF


HOU (-155) at SEA (142)

Pitchers: L. McCullers Jr. (ERA: 3.08 – Road ERA: 2.69 – Avg. ML: -144) vs. C. Flexen (ERA: 3.41 – Home ERA: 1.92 – Avg. ML: 127)

Pick: Lean SEA

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