Degen Show Part (7/7/21)

Your favorite Degens give you their Sports Bet Picks for 7/7/21. Listen to the Degen’s NBA win totals episode, their MLB futures episode and Max’s NHL Power rankings post.

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Max’s Sports Bet Picks for 7/7/21


Back at it on Thursday.



Sports Bet Picks for 7/7/21

Montreal Canadiens (197) at Tampa Bay Lightning (-224)

Pick: Bet $20 Montreal

Notes: Looks like the mayor of Tampa will get his wish. Montreal avoided the sweep with a game 4 OT win that will allow Tampa to win the cup on their home ice today. The Team of Destiny had a good run but barring a complete and utter collapse by the Lightning – which only seems to happen when they play the Blue Jackets – it does look like Old Mad Max will be eating some crow.

You know, I went through my show notes for all episodes I covered Tampa and there were critical things for sure – but most of my truly hateful things must have been said off the cuff. So my show notes are not going to be much help in creating this song. But if the Lightning so win the Cup today, I have a list of episodes where I spoke about the Lightning so I guess my punishment would be to listen to them and help Maxy out here.

$20 bet on the Canadiens.



Sports Bet Picks for 7/7/21

DET (142) at TEX (-155)

Pitchers: C. Mize (ERA: 3.61 – Road ERA: 3.24 – Avg. ML: 147) vs. K. Gibson (ERA: 2 – Home ERA: 1.1 – Avg. ML: 127)

Pick: Bet $10 TEX

Notes: Never thought I would be coughing up this much chalk on the Rangers but Kyle Gibson is a Cy Young candidate this year and as bad as they are, they win at home and they win with Gibson’s starts. I don’t hate the Tigers as much as others do, but they are not a very good team and play terribly on the road. They nabbed game 1 in this series and don’t think they can nab game 3. $10 bet on Texas.


BOS (-127) at LAA (117)

Pitchers: E. Rodriguez (ERA: 6 – Road ERA: 6.14 – Avg. ML: -104) vs. A. Heaney (ERA: 5.6 – Home ERA: 5.71 – Avg. ML: -106)

Pick: Bet $10 BOS

Notes: Well, I double-dipped yesterday and the Circus Sideshow Freak made me pay. Time to triple dip! That’s right, I am backing Rodriquez and his bloated 6 ERA to beat Heaney and his bloated 6 ERA. Boston is off tomorrow and heads back home to host the Phillies. Anaheim is also off tomorrow before heading to Seattle. So I expect both teams have players available and if that’s the case, Boston gets the win. $10 bet on the Red Sox.


OAK (138) at HOU (-150)

Pitchers: S. Manaea (ERA: 3.2 – Road ERA: 3.07 – Avg. ML: -116) vs. L. Garcia (ERA: 3.22 – Home ERA: 2.53 – Avg. ML: -119)

Pick: Bet $10 HOU

Notes: The Astros pulled out the win yesterday and while I liked them to win, the line spooked movement me off the game. Not scared today. Manaea is having a nice season but Garcia has shined – particularly at home. Houston has won 5 in a row and proving to be a much better team than the A’s. They get to 6 in a row today. $10 bet on the Astros.


STL (169) at SF (-186)

Pitchers: J. Oviedo (ERA: 5.81 – Road ERA: 6.49 – Avg. ML: 106) vs. A. Wood (ERA: 4.02 – Home ERA: 4.34 – Avg. ML: -115)

Pick: Bet $10 SF

Notes: Alex Wood has been pretty reliable as a pitcher lately. He’s only had one truly bad start over his last 5 games. Johan Oviedo? One good start over his last 5 games. San Francisco was one of the trappy games yesterday but as of now, signs look good that they are a solid – but chalky – play today. $10 on the Giants.



CLE () at TB ()

Pitchers: J. Mejia (ERA: 7.7 – Road ERA: 6.97 – Avg. ML: 109) vs. M. Wacha (ERA: 3.79 – Home ERA: 1.5 – Avg. ML: -105)

Pick: TBD


ATL (-150) at PIT (138)

Pitchers: D. Smyly (ERA: 4.52 – Road ERA: 4.27 – Avg. ML: -111) vs. W. Crowe (ERA: 6.31 – Home ERA: 6 – Avg. ML: 156)

Pick: Lean PIT


CWS () at MIN ()

Pitchers: L. Lynn (ERA: 2.03 – Road ERA: 2.86 – Avg. ML: -135) vs. M. Pineda (ERA: 3.74 – Home ERA: 3.2 – Avg. ML: -121)

Pick: TBD


CIN (-138) at KC (127)

Pitchers: S. Gray (ERA: 3.46 – Road ERA: 3.87 – Avg. ML: -103) vs. B. Singer (ERA: 4.95 – Home ERA: 4.52 – Avg. ML: 107)

Pick: Lean KC


CLE (142) at TB (-155)

Pitchers: S. Hentges (ERA: 9.38 – Road ERA: 8.79 – Avg. ML: 125) vs. M. Wacha (ERA: 3.79 – Home ERA: 1.5 – Avg. ML: -105)

Pick: Lean TB


TOR (-209) at BAL (190)

Pitchers: H. Ryu (ERA: 3.76 – Road ERA: 3.38 – Avg. ML: -130) vs. M. Harvey (ERA: 7.74 – Home ERA: 7.38 – Avg. ML: 155)

Pick: Lean BAL


MIL () at NYM ()

Pitchers: B. Anderson (ERA: 5.33 – Road ERA: 6.76 – Avg. ML: -102) vs. Undecided

Pick: TBD


LAD () at MIA ()

Pitchers: J. Urias (ERA: 3.87 – Road ERA: 3.4 – Avg. ML: -166) vs. C. Poteet (ERA: 5.13 – Home ERA: 4.5 – Avg. ML: 110)

Pick: TBD


PHI (-131) at CHC (121)

Pitchers: Z. Wheeler (ERA: 2.09 – Road ERA: 2.44 – Avg. ML: -107) vs. A. Mills (ERA: 3.63 – Home ERA: 0 – Avg. ML: 106)

Pick: Lean CHI


COL () at ARI ()

Pitchers: A. Senzatela (ERA: 4.67 – Road ERA: 6.57 – Avg. ML: 155) vs. H. Castellanos (ERA: 0 – Home ERA: 0 – Avg. ML: 0)

Pick: TBD


WSH (157) at SD (-172)

Pitchers: P. Corbin (ERA: 5.67 – Road ERA: 6.65 – Avg. ML: 106) vs. C. Paddack (ERA: 4.11 – Home ERA: 4.21 – Avg. ML: -150)

Pick: Lean SD


NYY (-116) at SEA (107)

Pitchers: D. German (ERA: 4.58 – Road ERA: 4.02 – Avg. ML: -126) vs. Y. Kikuchi (ERA: 3.14 – Home ERA: 3.9 – Avg. ML: 116)

Pick: Lean SEA

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