Degen Show (8/20/21)

Your favorite Degens give you their Sports Bet Picks for 8/20/21. Listen to the Degen’s MLB futures episode or their mulligan after the All Star break.

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Max’s Sports Bet Picks for 8/20/21


After an incredible hot streak for a few weeks, I have gone cold the past 3 days. So I suggest laying off following my picks today until I can get things right again.

Sports Bet Picks for 8/20/21

MIN (195) at NYY (-215)

Pitchers: C. Barnes (ERA: 4.77 – Road ERA: 6.59 – Avg. ML: 144) vs. N. Cortes Jr. (ERA: 3.2 – Home ERA: 3.33 – Avg. ML: -125)

Pick: Bet $10 NYY

Notes: Nestor Cortes Jr. has been a pleasant surprise to the Yankees’ starting rotation. Since transitioning to a traditional starter role, he’s pitching 5 or more innings and limiting the earned runs – while keeping his WHIP low. The Yankees have won 7 games in a row after sweeping the Red Sox and winning over the Twins yesterday. Now they look to further secure a playoff spot by aiming to sweep Minnesota.

And its possible. The Yankees are hitting well and their pitching has been getting better too. This is a chalky one but I have New York winning.

$10 bet on the Yankees.


MIA (178) at CIN (-196)

Pitchers: E. Hernandez (ERA: 2.95 – Road ERA: 1.8 – Avg. ML: -110) vs. S. Gray (ERA: 4.68 – Home ERA: 5.71 – Avg. ML: -108)

Pick: Bet $10 MIA

Notes: Elieser Hernandez has had an injury-plagued season but looks to close out the season strong. He’s another young pitcher that the Marlins have stockpiled and when he has pitched, he’s looked unbelievable. His last start was Sunday and he looked sharp – despite some rust.

The Reds put Sonny Gray out there today. Both he and Castillo were ace-like last season but ever since their bash brother Bauer left, they have not looked as good. The Reds beat up on the Marlins yesterday – Miami’s 4th low in a row. Their offense continues to be a major issue but I like them to get enough against a slumping Gray.

$10 bet on the Marlins.


CWS (-121) at TB (112)

Pitchers: L. Giolito (ERA: 3.87 – Road ERA: 3.94 – Avg. ML: -149) vs. M. Wacha (ERA: 5.15 – Home ERA: 3.18 – Avg. ML: -114)

Pick: Bet $10 TB

Notes: I could understand why someone would jump on the White Sox today. They have the better pitcher on the mound and just took 3 of 4 from Oakland. But this is a team that remains inconsistent and is only 29-28 on the road. Wacha has been shelled in his last 3 outings – but Tampa’s offense has been incredible lately.

Not often you get the Rays at home with a plus line. Probably not the best of plays today but one I’ll take a shot on.

$10 bet on Tampa.


PIT (179) at STL (-197)

Pitchers: M. Keller (ERA: 7.07 – Road ERA: 5.43 – Avg. ML: 150) vs. M. Mikolas (ERA: 2.25 – Home ERA: 2.25 – Avg. ML: 102)

Pick: Bet $10 STL

Notes: There’s a sensational Fleet Foxes song called Mykonos and every time I hear it I think of one Miles Mikolas – who makes his much-anticipated return to the Cardinals’ rotation today. Mikolas has not pitched since his first start of the year. That start happened in May due to another injury – so let’s just say its been a bad fucking year for Miles.

That all changes today as he gets to pitch against the lowly fucking Pirates. Pittsburgh has lost 5 in a row and while they kept it close with the Dodgers in a couple of games, they still find themselves with bad pitching and incredibly inconsistent bats.

The Cardinals are 9-3 this season against the Pirates and find themselves only 3.5 games back of the second wild card spot. They need to win the winnable games and I think they get one today.

$10 bet on St. Louis.



KC (-112) at CHC (104)

Pitchers: B. Keller (ERA: 5.87 – Road ERA: 5.53 – Avg. ML: 131) vs. Z. Davies (ERA: 5.14 – Home ERA: 5.29 – Avg. ML: 113)

Pick: Lean KC


ATL (-244) at BAL (219)

Pitchers: M. Fried (ERA: 3.87 – Road ERA: 4.67 – Avg. ML: -125) vs. K. Akin (ERA: 9.57 – Home ERA: 8.25 – Avg. ML: 150)

Pick: Lean ATL


DET (243) at TOR (-272)

Pitchers: T. Alexander (ERA: 4.89 – Road ERA: 4.46 – Avg. ML: 141) vs. R. Ray (ERA: 2.65 – Home ERA: 2.3 – Avg. ML: -123)

Pick: Lean TOR


LAA (107) at CLE (-115)

Pitchers: J. Barria (ERA: 3.24 – Road ERA: 3.46 – Avg. ML: 162) vs. S. Hentges (ERA: 9.26 – Home ERA: 9.43 – Avg. ML: 129)

Pick: Lean CLE


TEX (265) at BOS (-299)

Pitchers: D. Dunning (ERA: 4.17 – Road ERA: 6.79 – Avg. ML: 121) vs. C. Sale (ERA: 3.6 – Home ERA: 3.6 – Avg. ML: -252)

Pick: Lean BOS


WSH () at MIL ()

Pitchers: Undecided (ERA: 0 – Road ERA: 0 – Avg. ML: 0) vs. B. Anderson (ERA: 4.51 – Home ERA: 3.27 – Avg. ML: -106)

Pick: TBD


SEA (167) at HOU (-183)

Pitchers: Y. Kikuchi (ERA: 3.8 – Road ERA: 3.02 – Avg. ML: 119) vs. L. McCullers Jr. (ERA: 3.29 – Home ERA: 3.8 – Avg. ML: -141)

Pick: Lean SEA


ARI (156) at COL (-170)

Pitchers: T. Gilbert (ERA: 0 – Road ERA: 0 – Avg. ML: 183) vs. A. Gomber (ERA: 4.12 – Home ERA: 1.71 – Avg. ML: 136)

Pick: Lean ARI


SF (-119) at OAK (110)

Pitchers: A. Wood (ERA: 4.26 – Road ERA: 4.38 – Avg. ML: -120) vs. J. Kaprielian (ERA: 3.41 – Home ERA: 1.42 – Avg. ML: -127)

Pick: Lean SF


NYM (223) at LAD (-249)

Pitchers: C. Carrasco (ERA: 10.54 – Road ERA: 4.39 – Avg. ML: -126) vs. W. Buehler (ERA: 2.1 – Home ERA: 2.11 – Avg. ML: -190)

Pick: Lean LAD


PHI (190) at SD (-210)

Pitchers: M. Moore (ERA: 6.21 – Road ERA: 4.48 – Avg. ML: 127) vs. B. Snell (ERA: 4.91 – Home ERA: 2.43 – Avg. ML: -129)

Pick: Lean PHI

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