Degen Show (9/14/21)

Your favorite Degens give you their Sports Bet Picks for 9/14/21. Listen to the Degen’s MLB futures episode or their mulligan after the All Star break.

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Max’s Sports Bet Picks for 9/14/21


Sports Bet Picks for 9/14/21

MIL (-201) at DET (183)

Pitchers: F. Peralta (ERA: 2.77 – Road ERA: 3.04 – Avg. ML: -138) vs. W. Peralta (ERA: 3.77 – Home ERA: 2.51 – Avg. ML: 140)

Pick: Bet $10 MIL

Notes: I think I wanted to pick this game to talk Peralta vs. Peralta. Freddy Peralta has had a great season but his last three outings have not been good. He’s given up 10 runs in 7.2 innings. Part of that is the Brewers playing it safe with his injured shoulder so his innings have been limited. But when he is out there, it looks clear his shoulder or something is bothering him.

Wily Peralta has surprisingly had a very good season too. So it could be possible he outpitches the other Peralta today. Not that it matters. Milwaukee has won 5 games in a row after sweeping the Guardians on the road.

That improved Milwaukee’s road record to 49-24. They are 19-5 in road games dating back to August 10th. And I think they get another today.

$10 bet on the Brewers.


COL (148) at ATL (-161)

Pitchers: J. Gray (ERA: 4.79 – Road ERA: 4.84 – Avg. ML: 138) vs. T. Toussaint (ERA: 4.33 – Home ERA: 5.72 – Avg. ML: -104)

Pick: Bet $10 COL

Notes: The Rockies’ road woes this season are well covered on this podcast. What we’ve covered less is the fact that the Braves are just a mediocre home team. They have won 3 of their last 4 home games and sit just 3 games above .500 at home. Now, they should win this series. The Rockies are just too shitty on the road to beat an NL East team in a road series.

I mean, unless you mean taking 3 of 4 games from the Phillies in Philadelphia this past weekend.

The pitching matchup is kind of a wash here. Toussaint has not gone deep into games lately and Gray has been dealing with some injuries. Offense-wise, Colorado has the ability to keep up with Atlanta and as such, I’ll jump on them today as a value play.

$10 bet on the Rockies.


OAK (-160) at KC (146)

Pitchers: F. Montas (ERA: 3.65 – Road ERA: 3.75 – Avg. ML: -112) vs. J. Kowar (ERA: 9.47 – Home ERA: 0 – Avg. ML: -104)

Pick: Bet $10 KC

Notes: Jackson Kowar has an ERA almost triple of Frankie Montas yet I still like KC today at home with a plus line. Oakland just lost 2 in a row to the fucking Rangers at home and now they hit the road and play a Royals team that has won 3 of 5 games and is a decent home team.

Oakland’s pitching has struggled as of late. They rank 29th in the majors over the past two weeks with a 6.14 team ERA. They are scoring some runs – so their run differential is even over that span. So maybe they chase Kowar today. But I still like KC with the value.

$10 bet on the Royals.


SD (148) at SF (-161)

Pitchers: J. Arrieta (ERA: 7.18 – Road ERA: 7.11 – Avg. ML: 112) vs. A. DeSclafani (ERA: 3.39 – Home ERA: 3.69 – Avg. ML: -102)

Pick: Bet $10 SF

Notes: I hit on the Giants yesterday and thought it was the best play of the day. I am struggling not to say the same about this one. The Padres have not looked good lately. They cannot produce runs and their pitching is just mediocre. They trot Jake Arrieta out there today and his above 7 ERA. He’s pitched 8.1 innings as a Padre and has given up 8 runs.

The Giants have won 8 games in a row and easily beat San Diego yesterday. I think they grab another today.

$10 bet on San Francisco.



CLE (108) at MIN (-117)

Pitchers: T. McKenzie (ERA: 4.29 – Road ERA: 4.82 – Avg. ML: 114) vs. J. Ryan (ERA: 2.25 – Home ERA: 5.4 – Avg. ML: -116)

Pick: Lean MIN


CIN (-155) at PIT (143)

Pitchers: W. Miley (ERA: 2.93 – Road ERA: 2.92 – Avg. ML: -109) vs. D. Peters (ERA: 3.46 – Home ERA: 4.09 – Avg. ML: 158)

Pick: Lean CIN


CHC (175) at PHI (-192)

Pitchers: A. Sampson (ERA: 3 – Road ERA: 2.25 – Avg. ML: 215) vs. K. Gibson (ERA: 3.17 – Home ERA: 1.6 – Avg. ML: 114)

Pick: Lean PHI


MIA (137) at WSH (-149)

Pitchers: J. Luzardo (ERA: 6.57 – Road ERA: 10.71 – Avg. ML: 113) vs. E. Fedde (ERA: 5.44 – Home ERA: 5.48 – Avg. ML: 135)

Pick: Lean MIA


NYY (-345) at BAL (301)

Pitchers: G. Cole (ERA: 2.81 – Road ERA: 3.03 – Avg. ML: -178) vs. A. Wells (ERA: 8.28 – Home ERA: 4.5 – Avg. ML: 112)

Pick: Lean BAL


TB (120) at TOR (-130)

Pitchers: D. Rasmussen (ERA: 2.25 – Road ERA: 2.81 – Avg. ML: -117) vs. J. Berrios (ERA: 3.72 – Home ERA: 3.63 – Avg. ML: -132)

Pick: Lean TOR


STL (146) at NYM (-159)

Pitchers: J. Woodford (ERA: 5.23 – Road ERA: 5.4 – Avg. ML: 137) vs. M. Stroman (ERA: 2.91 – Home ERA: 3.02 – Avg. ML: -120)

Pick: Lean NYM


CLE (125) at MIN (-145)

Pitchers: L. Allen (ERA: 7.42 – Road ERA: 8.76 – Avg. ML: 120) vs. C. Barnes (ERA: 6.89 – Home ERA: 4 – Avg. ML: 149)

Pick: Lean MIN


HOU (-216) at TEX (195)

Pitchers: Z. Greinke (ERA: 3.71 – Road ERA: 2.91 – Avg. ML: -140) vs. J. Lyles (ERA: 5.88 – Home ERA: 5.48 – Avg. ML: 155)

Pick: Lean HOU


LAA (225) at CWS (-280)

Pitchers: P. Naughton (ERA: 3.29 – Road ERA: 0 – Avg. ML: 240) vs. L. Giolito (ERA: 3.73 – Home ERA: 3.84 – Avg. ML: -148)

Pick: Lean CWS


ARI (214) at LAD (-238)

Pitchers: L. Weaver (ERA: 4.29 – Road ERA: 8.41 – Avg. ML: 112) vs. T. Gonsolin (ERA: 2.99 – Home ERA: 2.78 – Avg. ML: -169)

Pick: Lean LAD


BOS (-136) at SEA (125)

Pitchers: N. Eovaldi (ERA: 3.62 – Road ERA: 5.01 – Avg. ML: -122) vs. T. Anderson (ERA: 4.27 – Home ERA: 3.19 – Avg. ML: 126)

Pick: Lean BOS

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