Sunday Edition of Absolute Degeneracy July 11th

Sunday Edition of Absolute Degeneracy July 11th

Live on tape it’s Saxy Maxy from Maui. This week Mad Max is back to balance the scales and get back some of his lost talk time. The fellas talk about repurposing art, music, the NBA Finals and what Saxy should do with the small tiki idol he uncovered.

Sunday belongs to Saxymaxy. He’ll give us his thoughts on life, love, degeneracy and recap the week that was over on the site, all the while trying to prove the saxophone is still cool. Sit back, relax, and let Saxy slide right in.


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Mentioned a few on the show and have a few more ($10 on each game):
BAL +155
MIA -125
OAK -137
TOR -123
MIL -159
MIN -231

MIL ML -188 & MIL -3.5 (First Half) - $50 bets each