Max, Panther, Rich and Arch talk about the current state of the World Series. And we make our World Series Game 2 Bets! Is Kershaw a good playoff pitcher again? Do the Rays have a chance?

Then we turn our attention to DFS and who to stack and who to avoid.

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Max 0:00
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Panther 0:23
absolute Sports Betting Degenerates see.

Arch 0:26
Hey everybody arch here and it is Tuesday, Max, everybody on Twitter was saying haha see Kershaw’s a really good playoff picture? We just didn’t know for all these years.

Max 0:36
What was it? Was there an Asterix next to a 61 previously is it gonna be an Asterix next to a 60?

Yes, is is that we’re gonna see now,

Arch 0:44
right the Dodgers get the training wheel season.

Max 0:48
Hey, listen, it worked. It worked for LeBron getting through that bubble. It’s gonna work for Kershaw to finally get his first what’s the you know what’s gonna happen though? Like, honestly into Dodger fashion, I’m sure this is gonna happen. They’re going to try it out Kershaw. And they’re just going to get shelled, like they’re gonna want Kershaw to have the ball in the final game. They’re just going to absolutely get shelled in game four. And then that’s when Tampa mounts a four straight wind come back and wins the series. But listen, man, the Dodgers, they built themselves to win in the shortened season. They built themselves to win in a longer season too. Don’t don’t discount the fact that they added fucking Mookie Betts to their team. They’re doing this without David Price as well. They traded for price, which probably for their benefit, because you mentioned having Kirsch on price in October on your team. I think that that would just be awful.

Arch 1:46
What’s going on Panther

Panther 1:48
Ah, you know, just all by myself out here on this island. Everybody wants the value of the raise. But winning is such a beautiful thing. But yeah, Kershaw no pressure, pitch the gym. And the those sticks, man, I don’t know how the rays are gonna keep up with those sticks. I kind of set that number of five I think the winner is gonna have to get the five runs each game and I just don’t know how the rays can consistently get there. So we’ll see what happens. Tonight’s pitching is gonna be pretty interesting for the Dodgers.

Arch 2:18
Yeah. And will be returned.

Rich 2:21
Yeah, it was a good game for me as well because I really wasn’t on either side. I had to get a email from arch which side Did you like again? So I did lean lefty on their on your island Panther. But my thing was over yesterday, and they came in pretty quick. I think I said on the fifth inning that we might be sitting back or the game be over already, but it was the sixth inning. So I’ll take it

Arch 2:45
for it’s the sixth inning. It’s like you don’t even know what you’re talking about. I don’t and but yeah, it’s interesting. The they’re they’re trying to change the narrative, or at least the Dodger fans are changing the narrative. I was seeing so many tweets last night about that about Kershaw. And I just always go back to what Belichick says, You are what your record says you are.

Panther 3:05
He’s Mr. October.

Max 3:07
He’s Mr. October this Clayton Kershaw.

Get at the end of the day if he walks away with a World Series. I can’t say it’s not deserved for all of his Hall of Fame, the rear that he had in the regular season. Oh, no, no. I mean, good for him for being in the playoffs all those times and finally winning one. But really, when you have that payroll of the Dodgers, you just you find adding any player I mean, Mookie Betts was arguably what top three best player in the league when he was on Boston? So sure, you know, we’ll just add him in. Why not? I mean, it’s not working for the counterparts in Anaheim. They keep just adding salaries is the wrong salary. Place the Dodgers? There, they’ve been adding some good salaries to their books. I don’t know. Yeah, I’m with you. I feel off about celebrating a 60 game season as well, because the whole thing about baseball is that it’s 162 game gauntlet, and that you’re trying to survive that and and get and get into the playoffs. Red Hot. 60 games is a sneeze to these teams. You know, it’s just like, whatever. Don’t talk about symptoms, Max. Oh, sorry. Yes, yes, this is a very, so it’s almost like saying the Redskins on the air No.

sneezes anymore.

Panther 4:27
You know, the interesting thing you bring that up and makes you wonder if the regular season number could be in jeopardy if they’re going to reduce that because man four came out yesterday and said he’s in favor of keeping the expanded playoffs. They’re going to look at keeping that moving future with a full season. So now you got to kind of wonder what a full season looks like. Are we going to have November baseball in the future?

Rich 4:51
I’m not so opposed to the short seasons this year, I think in light of COVID and everything. It was the league’s had to do with what they had. So I’m not sure So quick to Asterix anybody this year if it were a strike shortened season or something along those lines, then I would be in total agreement. But, you know, I think that these leagues all took a lot of risk to get back out there and play again in the NHL probably cited a big relief when it was over the NBA, I’m sure did the same thing. And baseball is about to get their chance to exhale. And now the focus is going to be on the NFL. So I’m not so opposed to and if Kershaw gets when he gets when he’s putting the work out, and to get to, you know, I can’t say anybody ever deserves anything. But he’s put in the work to put himself in a position to get one.

Arch 5:36
All right. Well, we’ve spent the last the last five minutes kind of burying the race kind of so let’s get to it. Let’s, let’s see if we have a chance today. Tampa Bay, Los Angeles, la opened up minus 147. There minus 140. Now,

Max 5:52
yeah, my soft spot for the race has been costing me money lately there one in four over the last five games with a minus eight run differential in that span. That seems like something that doesn’t seem possible in the playoffs. But yet here it is. The rays heading into World Series technically slumping, but I’m not ready to feed them just yet. I’m gonna go down with the ship. They were absolutely wack. Yesterday, we just talked about that. flanked by Mr. October Clayton Kershaw. I still think you’re going to be fazed by it. I think they’re going to turn around and they’re going to treat this as another game, and that’s what the rays do. It’s Blake Snell versus Tony Gosselin. And hopefully we’ll see Snell that that he’s looked dominant in a couple of games in the postseason. That first game against the Astros. He was unhittable second game against the Astros not so much that game against the Yankees. I think he almost got on the injured list because his neck kept craning backwards after all the hits that the Yankees were doing to him. But Goslin, hey you know, he can be hit too. And I think Panther Panther was right, the rays are gonna need to score some runs. It’s something they haven’t been able to do for almost a week now. That’s not good. The Dodgers again, they sneeze runs achoo. Achoo. And the Raiders have to put up some runs to be able to compete here. So the value is actually not there for me to confidently bet the rays. But I’ve mentioned this before. If you’re listening to the show, it is a sports betting podcast. And I cannot afford to be a professional leaner on the air. So I will do it. I maybe I’ll be on the island by myself today. I will bet the Tampa Bay Rays.

Panther 7:39
Today is gonna be an interesting day for the Dodgers. You go back and look at the previous series. Gosling actually had to come in and rescue Dustin Mae and how poorly he pitched in game seven. So God slim pitch two innings just a couple days ago. So I’m anticipating I don’t know by any stretch, but I’m anticipating this could turn into a bullpen game for the Dodgers. we’re gone. So it’s going to be not necessarily on a pitch count, but they’re going to be watching him his performance and how he does because he did just pitch a couple days ago. But like Max said that you can get the Blake Snell and it’s murderer’s row up and down that Dodger lineup. And as long as I don’t think pitching in this series is going to be as dominant as it’s been in some other series that runs are going to be at a premium and their teams are going to put up some numbers. I just add for this game here. I’m going to come off I’m going to come off the Dodgers but probably not to Charlie Morton pitches. But tonight, I still think the Dodgers can get the Blake Snell they were just crushing the ball. They’ve been on fire since they wrapped up that series with the Braves. So I’m on the Dodgers again. I’m gonna bet them

Rich 8:54
if the Tampa Bay Rays are going to find themselves tied in a series after today, it’s going to be because they their bats to come alive and tonight’s a night for them to come alive. A godson has not pitched well in his first two starts in in his career. In the playoffs, I expect you’re going to see Tampa’s bats come alive. They’re going to get back in this series Snell is pitch pretty well in the playoffs, though the Yankees are 17 and six against left handed hitting so I think they’ll get theirs too. But I think they have the pitching advantage tonight on the Tampa side of the field. I’m gonna you know it is a professional sports betting podcast. I’m gonna bet the Tampa Bay Rays,

Arch 9:37
right yeah, this is it man. This is their best chance I think they’re going to have to take a game right at least you know for a while. So yeah, I’m gonna bet the race to I’ve got them almost winning the game. Almost. So yeah, I’m gonna bet Tampa Bay plus the 120 rich while we’re here. Do you have a total home this one

Rich 9:58
day I feel like it Probably going to, you know, go back to the oversight again. But I think a lot of it could depend on Tampa. And since a lot of it could depend on Tampa, I am not as confident as I was yesterday. I’ll lean the over just because I think that the rays will join the hitting parade today and the Dodgers will still get theirs. So I leaned over, but I’m not as confident today as I was yesterday. Gotcha.

Max 10:24
Yeah, I’m once again on the under I think if the rays have a chance to win a game that I think it has to be under or so and looking at where the the, the money and the public are hanging on it, you can imagine overwhelmingly, a matter of public is coming in on the over right because I saw yesterday Yeah, they that’s it. That’s public mines. The sharps are hitting the under, though, significantly. So I like being on that battle when I’m against the public with the sharps. So I’ll leave the under there.

Panther 10:55
Maybe I’ll be on an island. I don’t know. But look, I maintain that it’s going to take five runs, or more to win each one of these games. And wouldn’t surprise me if this was a five, four game or higher six, or something like that. So I’m, I’m sticking with the over probably for the whole damn series.

Arch 11:12
Yeah, I’m gonna go the under here too. I think it is going to say, you know, eight or less. It’s kind of what I’m at. I fear the push is coming though. That’s for sure. Alright, so that’s it normally. Normally, we would just wrap this shit up after 11.

Max 11:28
I mean, you said that’s it. I don’t you want me to just

Arch 11:33
but because you know, we’re winding down with all this Corona stalking sports. We’re actually going to keep it here and we’re going to talk fantasy football.

Panther 11:41

Arch 11:43
rich, we’ll just start it like we normally do. How’d you do last week?

Rich 11:46
I cashed last week, but I think we should turn that question around. And how did you do last week first

Arch 11:51
place baby number one

Rich 11:56
off of our picks. That was when you finally became my friend. Thank you. I saw

Arch 12:00
your value finally rich. Finally,

Rich 12:03
some value now if you can only pass that along to the missus? That would be great. Look, he does have some value just play his fantasy. There you

Arch 12:11
go. Yeah, no, no, but yeah, well done. Man. I finished first place biased a nice margin to and I came in the money in a you know, in a much bigger, you know, I threw some money into a $3 tournament to and still came in in the money with a lot of players.

Rich 12:25
I went into the million dollar pool of DraftKings and one $100. So I mean, I was close to the top. But the winner and I shared I think like five of eight players. I just was a little bit different than three of them. So I hopefully this week, I get the three. But the problem a lot of times you and I’ve talked about is that when you’re facing people with 177 sheets, and you have one they have 176 chances of having one of them that are better than yours.

Arch 12:52
No doubt. Panther How do you come out last week? I

Panther 12:57
can’t find anybody. Um, I I don’t get in the land of million dollar pools. You guys get into I get into. I don’t even know what the top prize was. But I did win $7. But that, but I think there was like, I don’t know, 300,000 contestants or whatever in that particular pool. But the big takeaway and this is where Max and I aren’t we I think we almost share like the same lineups. But I was duped by Aaron Rodgers and his piss poor performance in my fantasy team, my actual team and I lost that week because of Aaron frickin Rogers.

Arch 13:37
Max. You overcame your Aaron Rodgers handicap, right?

Max 13:40
Oh my god. Yes.

It was. It was a garbage touchdown.

But by Richie Ritchie’s boy on the Cowboys that sealed the deal for me, and I ended up winning by a couple points there. Yeah, I was down big going into that one. But Kelsey came up big you were you’re messaging me every single time Kelsey was in the red zone and was was about score, touchdown. Hilaire and possibly his last hurrah came up super big. But yeah, I know Panthers in a league where you get gets negative points for pick six is a I unfortunately, I just got the interception I got the minus two for the interception and ended up with a plus eight points whopping eight points with Aaron Rodgers. But yeah, I was I was lucky tyreke Hill and Patrick mahomes that that’s who the my opponent had coupled up. And tyreke Hill had quiet game, and mahomes actually didn’t hit his expected numbers. So I came out with the win I am. I’m like the bears here. Or I’m like the Packers on the Seahawks. I’m one of those teams. I’m five and one in my league. And I can feel the bottoms about to drop out. I’m looking at my lineup this week. I’m like, How the hell have I won games. This is just awful. I am the biggest fraud in my fantasy league. I am the Green Bay Packers. I really am the Green Bay Packers my fantasy league it’s I should be renamed myself the Packers because that’s how bad and fraudulent I am. So yes, I am a fraud but if you want to avoid being a fraud as it pertains to sports betting, you can head over to my Sign up now using the promo code, absolute dejan you can claim a deposit match up to $1,000. That means if you like the Green Bay frauds this week to bounce back against the Texans, you can place bet on them. And if you lose just about them again, with a deposit match my bookie will give you that is my promo code, absolute dejan help us keep the lights on around here. And now back to your regularly scheduled degeneracy.

Rich 15:41
Well, rich is time to help max out Who do we like this week and fantasy football? Well, you know, I’m a big fan of stacking. So one of the things that my my number one stack this week is Matthew Stafford because you also know I’m a fan of value. But I have Matthew Stafford listed as my third quarterback this week. So if you’re going to take Matthew Stafford, then you got to match him up with one or two people either TJ hawkinson, the tight end, or the person I would personally prefer and that is Kenny gala day. So I’m going to start with Stafford and Kenny gala day and then work from there. Nice. Panther I know you’re not a big fan of stacks necessarily, but what are you like?

Panther 16:23
I you know, I’m not a big fan of Stafford and gala day, I’m really starting to think that rich has a man crush on gala day because his name comes up every single week. But I’m in agreement with them, for those to Atlantic is up 345 yards per game passing. So there’s there’s definitely some value and it’s more of a value play. But I think the top combination, but you might need to borrow money from Max, the top combination. This week’s got to be Kyler, Murray and Hopkins, but you know, going against the Seahawks, but you are going to spend so much money. If you do that. You’ve got to find some value somewhere else. But I think the biggest combination of points out there is probably Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins. I’m listening I’m loving everything you guys are saying because gala day I’m seeing 660 700 or 7600 depending on whether you’re using DraftKings or fanduel is one of my wide receiver value plays but my looking at the stacks

Max 17:20
here, I like what you’re saying about Kyler Murray, but instead of putting them with Hopkins, I would pair him up with Christian Kirk instead. Because I think you’re going to spend a lot less on Kirk getting as a value play. And he’s going to shred that Seahawks secondary. So if they start trying to team up on Hopkins, I think Kirk’s gonna get a lot of excellent looks this week and just beat the hell up on Seattle.

Panther 17:42
I would hope so. But look, if I can get Kyler Murray to look another direction. Okay, think Christian Kirk last week had two catches two touchdowns. I’m a volume guy. I don’t know how rich feels about this. But I when I’m looking at these guy I just go at targets if you’re getting 1215 targets some you know like Hopkins does, you’re gonna bring in some catches. I drafted Christian hurt and I end up waving him because he literally doesn’t touch the ball. Hmm.

Rich 18:10
But I’m in agreement with it with the Panther. I love the targets because if you are getting targets, they will translate into points. You know, we’re talking about the Arizona side of that game but the Seattle side of that game might offer just as much value in Russell Wilson and DK Metcalf I mean you’re going to spend a little bit more money because of the Russell Wilson being $8,000 but I do have an I think that you’re right on this Panther this this particular week. I have two players I think that you have to have in your lineup because last week we started with I said you know I don’t normally do this but I’m going to start my lineup with Derrick Henry because you have a running back that’s projected to score quarterback points. Well this week I have a running back and a quarter and a wide receiver that are projected to score quarterback points. The wide receiver is DeAndre Hopkins in the running back is Aaron Jones. So those are two players. I’m putting in my lineup. I want to make sure that I get them in there so that’s why I stack Stafford because you get a little bit more value at the quarterback spot. So those are two much starts I think outside in the wide receiver and in the runningback spot. What do you see out there Panthers and must start

Panther 19:24
I don’t know if it’s a must start but I’m telling you for some value. With that Houston Green Bay game you’re going to see some fireworks you’re going to see a lot of scoring will fuller and Brandon cooks are putting up monster numbers deshaun Watson is the number three quarterback in the NFL in yards thrown and there’s going to be a lot of yards thrown in this game against the Packers. So from the wide receiver standpoint, we’ll fuller and now Brandon cooks has actually seen 2330 I’m sorry 27 targets in his last three games, either one of these guys I really like to have in my lineup. And then another guy that you’re going to hate this rich but if you’re looking for value at running back, I think you have to look at Antonio Gibson going against that Dallas defense. They’re given up 170 yards per game on the ground. There’s not a lot to love about the potato skins, passing games I think Antonio Gibson particularly from a value aspect could put up some pretty solid numbers against that Dallas D What do you think Max?

Max 20:34
Yeah, I’m I’m always worried about when when you have the running back by committee and cannibalizing on on touches, but you probably you’re probably right. Looking at what you said about deshaun Watson kicking myself in the ass, I traded deshaun Watson in my face, because I had full faith in Aaron Rodgers. And so I just started trading Watson. But yeah, listen, I think, you know, they’re at this point where we’re no bill O’Brien they’re just wheeling and dealing out there in Houston. One of the value guys that I want to look at running back wise is DeAndre swift for the lions. It seems like they’re moving away from Adrian Peterson and that Falcons defense can be run on we’re gonna be scored on so maybe maybe. Rich’s love of the lions recently is is seeping into my brain here but the Andre swift looks like a nice play.

Rich 21:32
I gotta go I’m sure a panther

Panther 21:35
Yeah, I like DeAndre Swift. The only thing that’s kind of happening off of him there’s a lot of value there cuz you can get him on the cheap. The only thing that has had me off for him a little bit was because I expect that game to be a lot of throwing Atlanta scores a lot that give up a lot of yards in the air. So I kind of thought, Stafford like it’s kind of hard to think Stafford and Gallaudet can have a huge day. And DeAndre swift can also have a huge day so I was a little less on DeAndre swift just because of the matchup, but he’s definitely going to be there Bell cow, as the season goes on. And they look towards you know, even next year in the future.

Rich 22:11
I wanted to pick up on something you had said about Brandon cooks will fuller I’m not such a big fan on because he can Well, I mean, you can say the same for Brandon cooks as well, but will fuller can kind of come in and out of games in and out of favor in the locker room. And some days as you know, personally Panther I think you said it cost you a game, he didn’t score anything or doesn’t score. So he can be sometimes big plate dependent. Whereas I think deshaun Watson when he when he has trust in a wide receiver like he had with DeAndre Hopkins and it looks like that’s what’s building right now with Brandon cooks. He’ll throw that ball to that guy much like Kyler Murray over and over and over and over and over again. And I could see that happening and Brandon cooks might not on your own or in your regular fantasy league might not the owner of Brandon cooks might not have recognized that yet. So I think he might be a great Trey target if you need a wide receiver and you won’t have to pay too much for him. Hopefully another value running back I think they could have a pretty nice week. This week. I have high in my rankings I have in my lineup to my sheet of integrity is Kareem hunt. I think you’ll be able to run a little bit on Cincinnati but also catch a lot of those little dump off passes from Joe burrow. So I think you can get some some receiving yards some catch points and then good running and then I think at the same time you probably got a chance for him to score at least one maybe two touchdowns.

Panther 23:35
I got two more guys I want to talk about real quick before we go to our fades. One of them can actually be included when we were talking about our stacks. Justin Herbert. I’m going against going against Jacksonville’s piss poor pass defense. You can team him up with Keenan Allen. get both of those guys at a pretty fair price. But I look Justin Herbert has gone over 300 yards three times already. Jacksonville has given up 275 yards per game and 30 points per game so I think Justin Herbert and Keenan Allen are a couple guys you could still look at if you if you like the stack players and at the time a lot of times we don’t talk about tight end you guys know how I feel about Darren Waller but look if you’re looking for a guy mildly on the cheap Noah font for the Broncos go have a huge game this week against those chiefs who are prone to give up some over the middle. But look Denver’s gonna have to score more than 18 points like they did against the Patriots. So if you’re looking for a value play a tight in I like no a font for Denver as well.

Arch 24:34
Just a word of warning real quick. I’m sorry, Max, just to word anybody’s looking at that Jacksonville chargers matchup it’s going significantly under the 49 don’t expect a lot of points in that game. I’m just gonna tell you that now.

Panther 24:47
Because they don’t expect Jacksonville to keep up.

Arch 24:49
This is not good. Yes. This is going under actually you know, and I would be very concerned about the Green Bay Houston game, I think it’s probably going to go under the 56 and a half total points. So if you’re if you As far as just as far as how I think the games are going to go total points Detroit Atlanta is the one I’d be zeroing in on. I think that’s going to go over so I think it’s gonna be that’s gonna be the highest scoring game of the week.

All right, sorry, Max. Good.

Max 25:12
No, no, I was gonna say like, I like Herbert has value play, you know, I’m seeing him 6400 DraftKings so that you again if you’re in if you’re going to stack as Panther said, I think that’s the right play there. I like arches, a, you know, methodology of looking at the games that are probably going to go over and I’m with him that Detroit Atlanta game I’m liking so many people in that because hell I mean, it’s not a value play per se but Matt Ryan always throw him out there. You know, against us Detroit team. I think he can put up some points as well. I

Rich 25:45
agree. I think that when you look at Justin Herbert he also likes to throw the hunter Henry. And in the event because Keenan Allen is you know, he missed a lot of the last game. I think he played the first quarter a quarter and a half scored a touchdown hurt himself maybe spiking the ball I don’t know.

Arch 26:02
Alright, so we talked about who we like so many different combos out there for you to take you should have no problem filling 143 different sheets.

Rich 26:10
Who do we hate? Who do you want to fade this week? I think a couple guys I’m looking at you know based upon Andy Dalton’s performance. You got to be kind of a little careful with the Cowboys wide receivers. He targeted Michael guy I mean targeted. Oh helped me out here a little bit he CD lamb and e. m. Martin, Amari Cooper. He targeted them both about 1011 times he target is running back a lot Zeke and Tony Pollard. But Michael Gallo kind of didn’t get a lot of love and neither did the tight in there. So I would definitely stay far, far away from Michael Gallup. And the tight end in Juju Smith Schuster seems to have fallen out of love with Ben Roethlisberger seems to have fallen out of love with Juju is another guy that I would completely avoid this week. In terms of two players that you might pay a little bit of money for that I wouldn’t I wouldn’t stay far far away from

Panther 27:11
Yeah, I’m might take some flack for this one. But this week, I’m not touching Derrick Henry, and that the two reasons are one you got to pay a fortune as he’s the number one running back on the board. And two, they’re going against the number one rush defense and the Pittsburgh Steelers have give up 66 yards per game. Now it’s really hard to say hey, I paid Henry every put up 200 yards last week but I for what you got to pay. I don’t like him this week. And I don’t like anybody on the Chiefs except maybe Travis Kelsey. You’ve got a short week the traveling to Denver levy on Bell factors in the Clyde Edwards hilarious scenario. Denver always plays these chiefs tough in Denver. So look, unless it’s Travis Kelsey, I’m pretty much fading all the chiefs.

Max 28:00
I got three feeds on my list starting off with sadly my boy Jared Goff going up against up bears defense, he’s going to have a rough day clew Max is going to get to wide receiver. I mean, in theory, Julian elements just dropped off the face of the earth anyway, but going against that Niners defense, I do not like him at all. They’re surprising one for me. I like to hear you guys opinion on this as Kenyan Drake, because he’s coming off that big game but Seattle can actually defend against the run and I think if they can do one thing, they’re going to try to limit Drake there. So I think a lot of people will be tempted to take Drake after that big week but to me, I probably fade him

Rich 28:42
I would agree on the fading Drake because you can pass the ball a lot. I think he could get some yards there. Unfortunately, I had to stick him in my sheet of integrity because he offers the most points at the dollar amount that I had left because I spent a lot of on the likes of Aaron Jones and DeAndre Hopkins so I hope you’re wrong I hope I’m wrong. I think that the the the reason one of the reasons why teams the Seattle defense looks good against the run is because they can’t stop the past and there’s no need to run on them. So hopefully he catches a few balls that turned into points and can pan out there as well. So I think that I agree with both you guys on your fate I’m agree with you on the fate of Derrick Henry completely I think you’ll have a tougher game. He might need to make up for some of those points with catches and from time to time. His hands can be a little little hard. One guy to keep an eye on this week as Michael Thomas what kind of report is he going to have with with Drew Brees coming back after extended time off? I think Drew Brees has got a little bit of a liking now for Emmanuel Sanders in you might see Michael Thomas not get as many targets as he’s used to.

Panther 29:51
Thomas is only going to factor in if you’re an if you do the entire NFL not a Sunday only as the saints and the Raiders go Monday night. So That affects I have Michael Thomas on my fantasy team. But as far as the daily fantasy, you’re probably not looking at saints or Raiders. But yeah, Michael Thomas. I think he, you know, for me I’m looking forward to Michael Thomas coming back because maybe it’ll rejuvenate Drew Brees because he’s not looked himself since Michael Thomas had been injured. Maybe he’ll start to throw the ball and be a little bit more confident out there but man Drew Brees has not looked Well, the last several weeks. Almost looks like he should retire.

He’s retired and

Rich 30:35
we did remote. We noticed that early on. Yes. even started.

Arch 30:39
Yep. All right. So World Series and fantasy football. What the hell? Interesting, interesting day. But this interesting day is over max. That is it.

Max 30:52
That is it support degeneracy by buying our T shirts at the D Gen shop head over to absolute degeneracy calm. To do that. Make sure to download the de gens app for Android or iOS and let us know what you think about our picks your picks anyone’s picks you can listen to us on that app or on Stitcher, Spotify Apple pod Amazon podcasts Google podcasts that tune in pod sale and I Heart Radio no matter where he goes is that please hi is ready. Come subscribe, download and listen that racing episode.

Panther 31:16
Rich final words.

Rich 31:17
You know, like bake the book set up on absolute We give away all this stuff for free. We should really be charging for this app. If you think about it. Where else do you go in? Can you take fantasy football advice, take it out into the world. Pick the players we recommend and actually win money in you don’t have to pay for it. And as Max said, a couple ways you can help us now one, you can buy a T shirt by a sweatshirt, I have a money line mafia and every sweatshirt and every time I wear it, I get some compliments. So if you’re looking for some compliments, you’re feeling down about yourself. Go by yourself and my moneyline mafia t sweatshirt that’ll change. The other way Now you mentioned is go to my bookie, open up an account there and bet some of the stuff we’re telling you make sure you put absolute legions in in the code. But my favorite way for you to help us is to make sure you bring more people to the show. We help you find money. We help you get laid. What more do you want from us? Tell them about us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, however it is to communicate. Because friends don’t let friends bet without us for Panther. I know you’re in the middle of nowhere driving across the Great Plains of the United States. So take us home.

Panther 32:30
I actually parked it to wrap up the show. It’s about breakfast time. But I gotta tell you, when the three of us before rich came along, the three of us started this thing we didn’t know what would happen. So might not be a big deal to you guys. I’m super excited. We picked up a sponsor in my book, he said that this is a big deal to us even though we might not be a big deal in the whole scheme of things. I’m super excited. We’re just making things happen and having fun and hope you guys enjoy it. But you guys know the deal. We’re jumping on the website. We’re jumping on the app, and I want you to let me know what you did yesterday. Hopefully you’re almost doggers let me know what you’re gonna do today. And when it’s all said and done kids, Let’s all make some money fools.

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