The Good
Well, there wasn’t much good for me this week. It was an overall down week for me on all sports. But I had some glimmers of success again in the NHL centered around betting on the Washington Capitals. They are hot right now and won me two games this past week.

Also good? Lamar Jackson. Jesus this guy looks legit. After dismantling the Bungles with a perfect passer rating, he’s got the inside track to MVP.

I’ll also throw my Saturday night concert under good. Went to go see Slayer’s “farewell” tour and it was badass. Phil Anselmo played a full Pantera set and then Ministry and Primus both did greatest hits collections. Amazing stuff.

The mad man got drunk while listening to some metal. He then went on to make horrible NFL picks.

The Mad
While I was rocking out to Slayer the Celtics went into San Antonio and stomped the Spurs. But in their win they lost Gordon Hayward with a broken hand. It’s his non shooting hand and he might not miss a ton of time. But goddamn! This poor fucker finally looks like the All Star he was (and even better) and this shit happens. What a fucking shame.

And like that, poof! The Celtics hot start will be tested.

The Ugly
The ugly could have been me after the Slayer show. I drank way too much beer. For those of you who listen to the NFL Patreon show, you heard me struggle through that episode.

But no.

My ugly is NBA this past week. I was 5-9-2 and had some terrible whiffs. Memphis +7.5 on Friday was an awful one. They lost to the Magic by 32. The Bulls +6.5 on Saturday was another bad play. But they only lost by 23.

Or maybe my ugly goes to the NFL who also took my money this week. My 0-5-1 in NFL betting this week headlined by the Giants losing to the Jets. What the fuck was I thinking betting on that game? Why didn’t Arch try to stop me? I blame the beer and hangover.

The battle over mediocrity in New Jersey goes to the Jets.
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